Responses to Key Issues - 2016


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Taxation of Health and Dental Benefits

Recent media reports indicate that the federal government is contemplating the taxation of private health and dental insurance plans. If this proposal becomes a reality, the health and dental coverage currently available to 24 million Canadians will be severely limited as fewer employers will offer these plans and others may reduce the number of services covered.

CDHA has responded to this key issue by advocating in support of maintaining the tax-free status of employer-sponsored health care benefits, which helps improve the health and oral health of Canadians. You can help to protect the oral health of your clients and all Canadians by taking action now! Read more...

Innovation In Seniors Care

June 2, 2016 CDHA co-sponsored the Hill Times event, Innovation in Seniors Care, with the Canadian Medical Association, Canadian Nurses Association and Colleges and Institutes Canada. Mary Bertone, a past president of CDHA, was a guest panelist for Procedural Innovations. Mary explained that seniors’ oral health should be a high priority and brushing is a skill set caregivers need assistance with.

Oral health came up repeatedly on the agenda and the CDHA team ended the day with a great discussion with Liberal MP and Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Health, Kamal Khera. One of the key messages of the day was that a prevention strategy for seniors’ healthcare is essential, especially for oral health.

See CDHA’s presence in the Hill Times, Canada’s Aging Society Policy Briefing published on June 6, 2016

Federal Budget 2016

CDHA prepared a pre-budget submission to the newly elected Finance Committee which included the following four themes: Productivity, Infrastructure and Communities, Jobs and Taxation. CDHA recommended that the Committee enhance and expand the existing programs to improve Canadians’ access to preventive oral health services, and also drafted ideas for members to use as a starting point when completing the online submission.

The Federal Budget was presented on March 22, 2016 by Finance Minister Bill Morneau. Key themes include:

  • Strengthening the middle class
  • An Innovative and Clean Economy
  • An Inclusive and Fair Canada
  • Canada in the World
  • Open and Transparent Government

CDHA prepared a briefing summary for our members to inform them of relevant finance department priorities for the profession. It is available here.