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3rd Party Webinars

To further support members in maintaining and improving competence, CDHA is committed to enhancing your access to additional free, credible, high quality, continuing quality improvement activities. Webinars may have been recommended by a CDHA advisory committee, a CDHA staff member or another credible source.

As webinars become outdated or no longer available from the original source, they will be periodically removed. All webinar-associated criteria have been determined by the individual source. For questions about any of these third-party learning opportunities, contact the webinar provider directly.

What is a 3rd Party Webinar?

No 3rd party webinars at this time.

All professional development must meet the requirements of your provincial regulatory body. Each province/territory has different rules concerning the types of professional development that are eligible for CE credit. Keep records of all professional development activities, including certificates of completion, transcripts and receipts. Always maintain your own list of course information (title, summary, learning outcomes, presenter, duration of activity, etc.).

Note: Information promoted on this webpage may or may not qualify for CE credit in all provinces/territories. It is your professional responsibility to ensure that the professional development opportunities you select will meet the requirements of your regulatory body.