Vision of a Healthy & Respectful Workplace
for Dental Hygienists

A healthy and respectful workplace is one that...

  • is free from harassment, bullying, and violence (physical or psychological)
  • exemplifies strong leadership and models respectful behaviour
  • recognizes the professional expertise of dental hygienists and empowers them to practise to their full scope of practice
  • allows adequate time for individualized client care
  • offers the opportunity to negotiate a fair compensation package
  • is open, collaborative, and transparent in all interactions and decision making
  • has policies and systems in place to address concerns courteously, promptly, and fairly
  • supports and promotes both the physical and psychological well-being of each member of the team.

CDHA believes that every dental hygienist is entitled to work in a healthy and respectful environment.

Physical Health and Ergonomics

CDHA recognizes the importance of sound physical health and ergonomics for dental hygienists. Physical well-being allows you to perform physical tasks and enjoy carry out social activities without limitations or experiences of body pain. Learn More

Psychological Well-Being

Psychological health includes our emotional health and social well-being. Being strong mentally affects the choices we make and how we interact with others (both in the workplace and at home), and it shapes the way we cope with stress. Learn More

Contracts & Policies

Results from CDHA’s Healthy and Respectful Workplace Survey indicate that a substantial proportion of dental hygienists don’t have workplace harassment policies and/or contracts in place. Dental hygienists working without a contract are more likely to experience harassment, bullying, and abuse in the workplace. Learn More

Practice Questions

Dental hygienists spend a good part of their day in the workplace. To provide the best care for clients, it’s important to feel comfortable and confident in this setting. A healthy and respectful workplace is one that exemplifies positivity, openness, teamwork, and values each person’s expertise equally. Learn More