Advocacy Highlights by Year - 2023


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CDHA Opinion in The Hill Times: The Canadian Dental Care Plan must prioritize prevention and accessibility

October 18, 2023 - The Hill Times published an article by CDHA president Anne Caissie discussing the readiness of dental hygienists to facilitate greater and more equitable access to oral health care for vulnerable populations and marginalized communities across the country. Referring to the upcoming release of the Canadian Dental Care Plan, Caissie says “In order to ensure that oral health care is actually made available to more people in a wider variety of settings, the plan must take into account the many factors that detrimentally impact an individual’s ability to receive care, such as income, geographic location, or mobility. The barriers that prevent an individual from accessing oral health care have been identified time and time again. Now, they must be addressed.” Read more.

CDHA Opinion in The Hill Times: Canadian Dental Care Plan should focus on preventive oral health services

August 7, 2023 - The Hill Times published an article by CDHA president Anne Caissie discussing the importance of preventive oral health in the new federal dental care plan (expected to begin rolling out by 2023). “Getting this plan right for Canadians who need it most—like children, people living with disabilities, seniors, and those living in low-income households—means that the amount of coverage within the terms of the plan is just as critical as the types of services the plan provides,” asserts Caissie. Read more.

Submission to the House Finance Committee’s Annual Consultations Process (2024 Federal Budget)

July 27, 2023 -- CDHA took part in the annual pre-budget consultations process set by the House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance. CDHA’s submission discussed priorities for the government’s forthcoming budget, including the new Canada Dental Care Plan, oral health care for all residents in long-term care homes, and student loan forgiveness for dental hygienists to ensure increased access to oral health services in rural and remote communities. Read the submission.

Submission to the Government of Canada on Pre-Budget Consultations in Advance of the 2023 Federal Budget

February 9, 2023 -- CDHA is pleased to take part in the federal budget process with a written submission to the 2023 pre-budget consultations. CDHA’s priorities for how government can invest to grow Canada’s economy include responding to the oral health care needs of residents in long term care homes, the implementation of the federal government’s long-term national dental care program, and access to dental hygienists’ services in rural and remote communities. Read the submission here.

Statement by the Extended Health Professionals Coalition on investments in health care services

February 9, 2023 -- The Extended Health Professionals Coalition (EHPC) is encouraged by the federal government’s recent proposal of investing $196.1 billion over 10 years for health care services. These funds are a step in the right direction to providing better support for health workers, expanding access to services, improving access to mental health and substance use health services, and improving system performance and accountabilities. Read the complete statement. The EHPC is a coalition of organizations representing Canada’s Audiologists, Chiropractors, Dental Hygienists, Dentists, Denturists, Dietitians, Occupational Therapists, Optometrists, Physiotherapists, Psychologists, Speech-Language Pathologists, and Social Workers.

Statement by CDHA on Long-Term Care Standards

February 1, 2023 -- CDHA applauds the release of the updated Long-Term Care Services standard by the Health Standards Organization (HSO). “Seniors’ oral health has been a long-standing priority for CDHA, which is why we welcomed the opportunity to participate in the national discussion of ways to improve the quality of life of people living in LTC homes,” states Anne Caissie, president of CDHA. As essential primary health care professionals, dental hygienists working in LTC homes identify many oral health issues that are not spotted by other health professionals. Ensuring that they are added to interdisciplinary care teams across the country will help to meet the oral health needs of Canada’s aging population. CDHA’s ongoing advocacy is committed to promoting the the critical contribution that dental hygienists can make to quality of life in LTC homes. Read the complete statement. Link to HSO’s new the new National Long Term Care Services Standard.