Advocacy Highlights by Year - 2020


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Calling for national oral health standards/guidelines for long-term care

CDHA is advocating to influence federal health policy on the importance of national oral health standards and guidelines to support residents in Canada’s long-term care homes. In our discussions with and submissions to government, CDHA is proposing recommendations for the creation of national oral health standards in long-term care to improve the oral health status for all residents. Our recommendations highlight the need for an interprofessional care team with dental hygienists as primary oral health care providers; oral health promotion, education, screening, and assessment programs; staff education and training; specific accreditation standards; and the inclusion of or the refinement to oral care requirements in long-term care standards and regulations. CDHA thanks the following contributors who shared their expertise, advice and time with us in the development of our latest recommendations: Arlynn Brodie RDH, Michelle Castano RDH, Wanda Fedora RDH, Sophie Freeman RDH, Tammy Gulevich RDH, and Lynda McKeown RDH.

Advocacy efforts during COVID-19

As the COVID-19 pandemic has unfolded, CDHA has focussed its advocacy efforts on ensuring that dental hygienists have the support they need to manage professionally and personally during the crisis. Helping members remains our top priority as we lobbied and continue to lobby for the availability of PPE, expanded income supports and EI benefits, financial assistance for students, and business relief measures for practice owners. CDHA’s collaborations with the Organizations for Health Action (HEAL), the Extended Health Professionals Coalition, and national dental and provincial dental hygiene associations have also been key.

As the second wave of the pandemic evolves, CDHA continues to draw attention to priorities for PPE access and the rollout of COVID-19 vaccine. Together with provincial and territorial associations and other stakeholders, CDHA is working hard to meet the needs of our members.

For more information on our advocacy efforts and information during COVID-19, refer to our Coronavirus (COVID-19) page with updates and information for dental hygienists.

Submission to the Standing Committee on Finance for the 2021 Federal Budget

CDHA believes that the key to a prosperous Canada lies in the health of its people. Our submission to pre-budget consultations reflects our belief that oral health is fundamental to overall health. Restarting the Canadian economy as it recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic requires a greater recognition and consideration of oral health in public health and public policy responses across all orders of government. CDHA put forward three recommendations to the House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance in August 2020. Read CDHA’s full 2021 pre-budget submission here.