Advocacy Toolkit for Members

CDHA Launches Advocacy Toolkit for Members

The Canadian Dental Hygienists Association (CDHA) understands just how vital oral health is for all Canadians. As the collective national voice of more than 28,000 dental hygienists, it is up to us to ensure that Canada’s federal and provincial decision makers understand this as well. Our goal is to ensure that the voices of dental hygienists, and those we serve, are heard and understood.

Our success in political advocacy depends heavily on local members delivering a strong message to elected decision makers. Health care continues to be an issue of broad public concern, and politicians at all levels are consistently responsive to the health care debate. We need you to inform your local political leaders about the vital role that dental hygienists play in helping to ensure optimal oral and overall health for all Canadians and this will help us to keep governments focused on health care as a priority for Canadians!

To prepare you for this advocacy, we have developed an Advocacy Toolkit that includes the key oral health messages you can promote, a letter template, meeting guide and other resources.

We look forward to working with each and every member as we pull together to raise our advocacy efforts to the highest level.

Download the Advocacy Toolkit
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