The Canadian Dental Hygienists Association (CDHA) understands just how vital oral health is for all Canadians. As the collective national voice of more than 28,000 dental hygienists, it is up to us to ensure that Canada's federal and provincial decision makers understand this as well. Our goal is to ensure that the voices of dental hygienists, and those we serve, are heard and understood.

Please use the following advocacy resources to ensure that all Canadians have access to preventative oral care.

Taking a Stand for Seniors

For the first time in Canadian history, people ages 65 and older outnumber those under 15 years of age. Some key challenges to maintaining good oral health as we age include restricted mobility, cognitive impairments, health conditions that compound oral problems and complicate treatment, and financial constraints.

Use these advocacy resources to ensure that regulations include daily mouth care services for seniors, and that seniors, in all jurisdictions, have access to publicly funded programs for preventive oral health care.

Long-term Care and Homecare | (francais)
Dental Coverage for Seniors | (francais)

Mobilizing the Stakeholders

Use these additional advocacy resources to ensure that all Canadians have access to preventive oral health.

Federal Leadership on Oral Health | (français)
Mouthguards for Kids in Sports | ( français)
Rural and Remote Oral Care | (français)
Preventive Oral Care for Seniors | (français)
Sample Social Media Messages

Members' Advocacy Toolkit

Our success in political advocacy depends heavily on local members delivering a strong message to elected decision makers. To prepare you for this advocacy, please download our toolkit.

Download the Advocacy Toolkit