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Welcome to CDHA online courses! Consult our chart below for a list of available offerings, including estimated completion times and pricing, if applicable. If you have further questions about CDHA online courses, please read the Online Courses FAQ section.

CDHA courses and webinars are typically recognized by your regulatory authority and can be used toward your quality assurance requirements. Please consult your regulatory college for more information.

Course Estimated Completion Time* Pricing (plus applicable taxes)
Business Growth: Invest, Expand, Evolve 2-3 hours IPN member: $19.00
Member (non-IPN): $109.00
Non-member: $219.00
Oral & Oropharyngeal Cancer Screening for Today’s Population 5-6 hours Member: $169.00
Non-member: $339.00
Student/Graduated Student Member: $49.00
Business Fundamentals: Ready, Set, Launch 25 hours IPN member: $49.00
Member (non-IPN): $199.00
Non-member: $399.00
VEGA Family Violence Education Resources 3.25 hours Member: FREE
Non-member: FREE
Lifelong Smiles for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities 3.5 hours Member: FREE
Non-member: FREE
Self-Initiation for Dental Hygienists in Nova Scotia 15 hours Member: $199.00
Student/Graduated Student member: $101.00
Non-member: $399.00
Dental Hygiene Practice in Nova Scotia: Jurisprudence 5 hours Member: $50.00
Non-member: $100.00
Negotiation (course offered through Stitt Feld Handy) 5-8 hours Member: $150.00
Non-member: N/A
Difficult Conversations (course offered through Stitt Feld Handy) 3-5 hours Member: $75.00
Non-member: N/A

*Professional Development credits/hours are determined by your provincial regulatory body. The estimated completion time noted above does not necessarily equal Professional Development credits/hours. Please contact your regulatory body for details