Policy & Advocacy

National Oral Health Care for Seniors

CDHA welcomes a national discussion of priorities and opportunities to do better for Canadian seniors. When it comes to national standards for oral health in long-term care homes across Canada, and funding programs for seniors still at home, meeting the oral health care needs of this population should not be missed. Learn More

Advocacy Resources

Let's ensure that the voices of dental hygienists, and those we serve, are heard and understood! Please use these resources to advocate for improved access to preventative oral care for all Canadians. Learn More

Federal Dental Care Program

CDHA applauds the investments in dental care for low-income Canadians. It is essential however, that the new federal dental program recognize the importance of preventive oral care for this vulnerable population. The program must include reimbursement for dental hygiene services covered under the program. Learn More.

Responses to Key Issues

As the collective national voice of more than 30,000 dental hygienists, it is up to us to ensure that Canada's decision makers understand just how vital oral health is for all Canadians. Learn more about CDHA’s responses to priority issues here: Learn More

CDHA Parliament Hill Day

This year, CDHA’s Parliament Hill Day was very different from years past. On February 18, CDHA’s board of directors and key staff took part in a full day of virtual meetings with parliamentarians to raise awareness of the dental hygiene profession, the need to improve access to oral care, and the importance of developing of national standards for oral health for seniors living in long-term care homes. Additional talking points focused on the impact of the pandemic on the dental hygiene profession and a universal oral health care plan for seniors. Learn more


CDHA collaborates with a variety of other organizations, agencies, and coalitions in order to help improve access to preventive oral health care and reduce oral health disparities. Learn More