Homewood Health Member and Family Assistance Program

Member & Family Assistance Program

Receive confidential short-term* counselling for any challenge. This program is a professional and proactive service to support you, your spouse/partner, and eligible dependents(s) with a wide range of workplace, stress, and family issues and is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days of the year. Even if you’re out of the country, help is still available.

People frequently use it for personal challenges such as relationship concerns, family or parenting issues, anxiety, depression, addictions, grief, coping with health issues, or work-related challenges.

Program Offerings
  • Counselling – face-to-face, over the phone, video, or online (email or chat formats) short-term* counselling services for any challenge including family, depression, marital, life transitions/change, relationships, grief/bereavement, addictions, stress, anxiety, and other personal issues.
  • Life Smart Coaching – a suite of telephonic services that offers assessments, coaching, and resources for a variety of life balance and health issues. You can also receive legal guidance on a range of issues including family law, civil litigation, real estate, and wills and estates. Each service has been developed to allow you to take a proactive approach to managing everyday challenges.
  • Online Resources – interactive tools, health and wellness assessments, child and elder care resource locators, and a library of health, life balance, and workplace articles. To access select resources, you will need to create a Homeweb account.

*Homewood Health MFAP follows a short-term counselling model. Should the Homewood counsellor feel long-term support would better serve the member, the member would be provided with a referral list of external fee-based counsellors (outside of the Homewood family of counsellors) for the member to consider.