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Employment Legal Line

CDHA members have access to an employment legal line. This is a free, 24/7 bilingual telephone service covering employment and regulatory law.

This resource has proven invaluable to me personally. Access to the Employment Legal Line has significantly impacted my navigating various employment-related matters. The guidance and support offered through this service have been immensely beneficial, and I want to convey how much it means to me.
- CDHA member

Program Offerings

  • Legal Advice Service—The legal advice network consists of 50+ advice lawyers in good standing, each with a minimum of five years’ experience. The network offers complimentary and timely legal advice relating to employment and regulatory law and is maintained by Assistance Services Group (ASG) and includes lawyers that are uniquely qualified to advise regulated health professionals. This advice is summary legal advice providing general information and direction in relation to your legal mater. Telephone legal advice sessions are not limited in duration. You may access the service as many times as is reasonably required and you are not limited to one call per issue.
  • Lawyer Referral Network—More than 1,000 referral lawyers nationally are obtainable at a preferred rate should you need full legal representation, and you can be confident you are getting a lawyer with the experience and knowledge in your specific legal issue.
  • Simple Legal Document Review and Dictation—Review of employment and regulatory documents that are 6 single sided pages or less in length and creation of simple legal letters such as a demand letter.

Advice lawyers will provide summary telephone legal advice to eligible members regarding any matter related to the practice of dental hygiene, including but not limited to the following:

  • Professional Malpractice
  • Regulatory Body Investigation
  • Breach of Statutory Obligation
  • Facing Charges
  • Small Claims Court
  • Contract Dispute
  • Libel And Slander
  • Incorporation
  • New Employment
  • Leave of Absence
  • Workplace Safety/WSIB
  • Dismissal
  • Severance
  • Grievance
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Insurance Issue
  • Debt Collection
  • Bankruptcy
  • Lien
  • CRA Investigation
  • Business Tax
  • PST/HST Remittances
  • Payroll Deductions

Advice and referrals will not be provided regarding any issue that may conflict with the interests of ASG or the CDHA.

How to Access

CDHA Active (Practising), Support and Life members are eligible for this benefit. Call 1-855-953-2357. A customer service representative will answer the phone 24/7, assess your legal matter and assign a lawyer based on your needs. A lawyer will contact you within your requested call times (typically same day or next day, including weekends).