Board Meeting Highlights

CDHA’s board of directors works year-round in service of all members, setting priorities for the association and advocating for the profession and the importance of oral health to overall health. Twice a year, board members meet in person to discuss important operational and policy matters, and review the association’s progress in meeting its strategic goals.

Fall 2020 Board Meeting Highlights

The Canadian Dental Hygienists Association (CDHA) hosted our first-ever virtual Annual General Meeting on October 3, 2020. The CDHA Board of Directors also met virtually October 2 and 3, 2020.

Key highlights from these meetings include:

Annual General Meeting

Over 1,100 members registered for the 2020 virtual AGM.

CDHA’s president introduced a video that showcased the highlights of the 2019-2020 fiscal year.

Financial Statements and Appointment of Auditor
The chair of the audit committee, Anne Caissie, presented the 2019-2020 audited financial statements. KPMG was appointed as auditor for 2020-2021.

CDHA’s Board of Directors
Tracy Bowser, Past President and Natasha Burian, Director from the North, completed their terms on the Board at this meeting. Tracy also served as president (2018-2019).

Tracy Bowser
Outgoing Past-President

Natasha Burian
Outgoing Director North (NU, YK, NWT)

CDHA welcomed one new Director,
Donna Lee (North: NU, YK, NWT)

Tiffany Ludwick was installed as
the new president of CDHA.

New CDHA Board of Directors

The presentation of the new CDHA Board of Directors for 2020-2021:

Front Row (left to right): Kathy Yerex – Manitoba; Beth Ryerse – Ontario; Rae McFarlane – British Columbia
Middle row (left to right): Wendy Stewart – Nova Scotia & President-elect; Leanne Huvenaars – Saskatchewan & Past-President; Anne Caissie – New Brunswick; Francine Trudeau – Quebec
Back row: (left to right): Lana Clow - Prince Edward Island; Donna Lee – North (representing Nunavut, Yukon & Northwest Territories); Tiffany Ludwicki – Newfoundland & Labrador & President; Alexandra Sheppard – Alberta

2020 Awards
CDHA recognized 2020 award winners.

Dental Hygiene Superhero Competition

  • Lisa Enns, Francine Leach and Marisa Mannarino

Oh Canada! Readers’ Choice Award

  • Natalie Muccioli Emery

Canadian Journal of Dental Hygiene Awards

  • Best Original Research Article: Susanne Sunell, Denise Laronde, and Zul Kanji
  • Best Literature Review: Kimberly Haslam, Heather Doucette, Shauna Hachey, Teanne MacCallum, Denise Zwicker, Martha Smith Brillant, and Robert Gilbert
  • Student Essay Award (sponsored by Philips Sonicare): Mystica Lopez de Leon (UBC)

25-Year Member Recognition
CDHA honoured our loyal, longstanding members. A total of 241 members were recognized this year for having maintained membership in the Association for 25 years (since 1994).

Kelly Antosh

Chantal Beauseigle

Mahnaz Brachmand

Dayna Braham

Jocelyn Burke

Josee Cossette

Lana Courtney

Indu Dhir

Gloria Doan

Kelly Greenlaw

Marl Grenier

Nancy Gribbons

Alana Holden

Patricia Kostyk

Donna Lee

Dean Lefebvre

Sherry Lerner

Judy Lochhead

Sheena Lukeniuk

Michelle Maloney

Alana Mandronis

Deanna Martell

Carol Matusiak

Nancy McKinnon

Careen McNeil

Anne Miller

Dawn Moon

Danna Munro

Elizabeth Pasquel

Nicole Pingert

Tracy Poirier

Karla Pollock

Michelle Reis

Karin Rutherford

Whitney Sander

Stephanie Sealy

Shushma Sidhu

Deb Spendiff

Christine Sternig

Donna Stewart

Celeste Sundquist

Michelle Thompson

Kim Tokarz

Melissa Toms

Jacqueline Vanderwijk

Nola Walker

Judith A. Williams

Donna Zmetana

  • Domitilia Almeida
  • Stacey Almgren
  • Geraldine Anderson
  • Mary Armstrong
  • Alexandra Ash
  • Lorna Baber
  • Katrina Baker
  • Sheryl Barlow
  • Stacey Barnett
  • Beth Bartlett
  • Denise Beerwald
  • Laurell Beirnes
  • Susan Bells
  • Anke Bennett
  • Doris H. Bennett
  • Doris S. Bennett
  • Dawn Benoit
  • Josiane Benoit
  • Susan Blackwood
  • Helen Botbyl
  • Carole Bouvier
  • Vanna Boyden
  • Joanna Brasier
  • Donna Briscoe
  • Nathalie Brisson
  • Tammy Brown
  • S. Belle Bruce-Goulden
  • Lynn Brunet
  • Allison Bulger
  • Lisa Burchall
  • Glenda Burnouf
  • Natalie Carrier-Denis
  • Olivia Chen
  • Janice Clark
  • Nancy Clements
  • Keitha Cordone
  • Allison Craig
  • Cheryl Cruz
  • Kimberley Czerwonka
  • Rose Dalla Pasqua
  • Karen D’Amico
  • Angela Davidson
  • Kristy Dawbin
  • Kerry Dayton
  • Nelia De Medeiros
  • Delia De Melo
  • Eunice Dean
  • Christine DeFouw
  • Denise Della Mattia
  • Loretta Di Gianni
  • Sharron Dierckens
  • Lisa Donato
  • Leeann Donnelly
  • Lisa Doucet
  • Sandra Elford
  • Heather Elliott
  • Chantal Emir
  • Julie Estrin
  • Custodia Fernandes
  • Jacqueline Fitzsimons
  • Bayla Fortinsky
  • Pennie Fowler
  • Wendy Frederiksen
  • Vivian Friscioni
  • Yvette Gamble
  • Jennifer Gardiner
  • Candy Giesbrecht
  • Alice Gillan
  • Dana Goddard
  • Carmen Gottschling-Aceto
  • Kathryn Gough
  • Concetta Gravina
  • Karen Guenette
  • Elana Guild
  • Angela Haertl
  • Rhonda Haroldson
  • Paula Hauser
  • Nancy Heersink
  • Dianne Hilton
  • Diane Huey
  • Pamela Hughes
  • Shandra Hummel
  • Wendy Hunter
  • Janice Irwin
  • Cheryl Jacquard Irving
  • Ildiko Jakabhazy
  • Julie Jandron
  • Paula Jessome
  • Nancy Johnsen
  • Sandra Johnston
  • Joelle Johnston-Aarlaht
  • Melanie Johnston-Dore
  • Panagiota Karabinis
  • Margo Kartusch
  • LeeAnn Kerr
  • Rita Kerr
  • Michelle Kertesz
  • Corinne Kirkwood
  • Leanne Knox
  • Colleen Koster
  • Jo-Anne Lachance
  • Lorilyn Lanno
  • Theresa Larocque
  • Lori Leason
  • Marie-Josee L’Ecuyer Racine
  • Tamara Lodwig
  • Jennifer Macfie
  • Nathalie MacIssac
  • Irene Mackenzie
  • Margaret MacLean
  • Lisa MacPherson
  • Anna Macyszyn Brigham
  • Tammy McAllister Boyle
  • Trevor McCaffrey
  • Carolyn McCann
  • Andrea McGill
  • Jacqueline McLaren
  • Jennifer McLean
  • Linda McMurray
  • Susan McQueen
  • Jackie Milev
  • Sharon Millar-Windsor
  • Kathy Miller
  • Christina Milne
  • Patrice Moffatt
  • Carole-Anne Mrsic
  • Theresa Murphy
  • Celine Nadeau
  • Aleksandra Naidoo
  • Nicole Neal
  • Shari Nemirov
  • Julianna Elaine Nepssy
  • Joy Alexandra Nikirk
  • Diana Notte
  • Twyla Olson
  • Janice Ann O’Reilly
  • Maria Papadopoulos
  • Rhonda Parmar
  • Kimron Penner
  • Leeanne Pepper
  • Erica Pikola
  • Anita Pimentel
  • Donna Pruder
  • Marianne Reeder
  • Susan Regimbal
  • Jacqueline Rice
  • Leanna Rihal
  • Dianne Roberts
  • Lynn Rose
  • Kimberly Ross
  • Lynne Rossignol-Gould
  • Jacqueline Russell
  • Dagmara Rybak
  • Kathy Sabourin
  • Kalvinder Sangha
  • Lisa Sardinas
  • Jill Saunders
  • Stacey Sayle
  • Kimberly Saywell
  • Tara Schaeffer
  • Carmen Schaffer
  • Deborah Schmidt
  • Vicki Scratch
  • Diane Sharp
  • Joy Snesrud
  • Nicole Solway
  • Renee Soucy
  • Karen Spencer
  • Charlene St. Arnaud
  • Victoria St. Hilaire
  • Heather St. Jacques
  • Barbara Stewart
  • Kristina Stianson
  • Carol Stirton
  • Gwendolyn Stopanski
  • Aileen Strasky
  • Christine Stricker
  • Fiona Taylor
  • Amy Tong
  • Coralie Toronchuk
  • Nancy Valliere
  • Michelle Van Der Haegen
  • Nicole Vanrobaeys
  • Leslie Waldt
  • Donna Watson
  • Kimberly Wentrot
  • Heidi Willett McBride
  • June Williamson Steed
  • Robin Witiuk
  • Karla Yarie
  • Jardina Yip
  • Trisha Yost
  • Stacey Young
Key highlights from the Board meeting included:
  • Board members are the fiduciaries who steer CDHA towards a sustainable future by adopting sound, ethical, and legal governance and financial management policies, as well as ensuring we have adequate resources to advance our mission. This was informed through the CEO’s presentation on an environmental scan and an update on the strategic plan, as they support the Board Ends (goals).
  • One of the key roles of a Board of Directors is its fiduciary responsibility. To ensure ongoing competency in this regard, the Board had a thorough education session from Michelle Charest, CDHA’s Director of Finance and Operations on the audit process, and reading, assessing and monitoring financial statements.
  • The Chair of the Audit Committee, Anne Caissie, presented an Audit Committee report.
  • The Chair of the Ownership Linkage Committee, Tracy Bowser, presented a report.
  • COVID-19 has had an unprecedented impact on CDHA and dental hygienists across Canada. CEO Ondina Love presented results from the recent COVID Member Impact survey, which included two questions drafter by the OL Committee, which focused on members worries/concerns both now and in the future.
  • The Board directs, controls and inspires CDHA through the careful establishment of broad written policies reflecting the Board's values and perspectives. Thus, one of the key roles of the Board is monitoring and assessing Board policies and executive limitations at each Board meeting. The Board reviewed and accepted the CEO Monitoring Reports.
  • The CDHA Board has two representatives to the International Federation of Dental Hygiene (IFDH)- Tracy Bowser and Beth Ryerse. The board reviewed the report from the IFDH delegates.
  • The board is currently working on a CDHA definition of Oral Health. Initial feedback on the proposed definition was discussed and a final version will be released later this year.
  • The Board transitioned the presidency from Leanne Huvenaars to Tiffany Ludwicki.
  • The Board unanimously approved pursing work to ensure dental hygienists are considered essential workers. This is critical in ensuring access to PPE, which was the number one issue expressed by members; also, to safeguard primary access to a COVID-19 vaccine for dental hygienists.