Responses to Key Issues - 2022


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Submission to the Parliamentary Study of Canada’s Health Workforce

April 14, 2022 - CDHA welcomes a study on Canada’s health workforce by the House of Commons Standing Committee on Health. CDHA’s submission advocates for federal action and investments to address increased access to oral health care for vulnerable people in Canada, and support of the dental hygiene segment of Canada’s health workforce. Read CDHA’s full submission here.

CDHA Discusses Dental Hygiene Care at News Conference

April 13, 2022 - In an April news conference in Vancouver, CDHA highlighted the importance of essential prevention services provided by dental hygienists for the new federal dental care program. CDHA’s manager of professional practice Donna Wells, RDH and local BC dental hygienists joined NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh as he highlighted the dental care program his party secured in its supply and-confidence agreement with the Liberal government. Click here to watch. CDHA strongly support Parliament’s role in making oral health a policy priority CDHA is here to work with Parliament on real, positive oral health outcomes for those who are most vulnerable.

New Federal Dental Care Program Announced by Prime Minister

March 22, 2022 - In a new agreement reached between the federal Liberals and the New Democrats, the parties agreed to prioritize a new dental care program for low-income Canadians. The program will be offered to children under the age of 12 in 2022, then expand to under-18-year-olds, seniors, and persons living with a disability in 2023. Full implementation will occur in 2025. Read CDHA’s statement applauding the March announcement by the prime minister, as well as a recent CTV Windsor news article featuring remarks from CDHA’s chief executive officer, Ondina Love.

Public Review of HSO’s New Long-Term Care Services Standard

The public review of the new Long-Term Care (LTC) Services Standard drafted by the Health Standards Organization (HSO) is taking place between January 27 and March 27, 2022. This is an opportunity for anyone to review and comment on the draft standard before it is published. The proposed standard makes two references to oral health. Whether dental hygienists work in LTC or have a connection to a family member or friend in LTC, feedback may be provided in general terms or on specific criteria. CDHA will be participating in the review as well. Members can watch for a copy of CDHA’s key messages coming in early March if they wish to use them as a guide for their own responses to HSO. The public review can be accessed here.

HSO also released a report of findings summarizing the input from participants in their consultation workbooks and town halls in Fall 2021. CDHA participated in both past engagement opportunities to provide input. The report is available here.