Community Water Fluoridation

CDHA supports community water fluoridation for universal implementation as a preventive health practice and public health strategy towards reducing the prevalence and severity of dental decay in the population. Tooth decay remains as one of the most common and widespread chronic diseases in Canada and globally.

In the context of oral health, fluoridated water helps to protect teeth in two ways. First, during children’s tooth-forming years, fluoride helps to strengthen the enamel of the developing teeth, making them more resistant to decay. Second, for people in Canada of all ages, the fluoride in tap water mixes with saliva to help counteract acid attacks in the mouth caused by sugar and bacteria (these acid attacks are responsible for tooth decay).

The safety and effectiveness of water fluoridation have been frequently studied and continue to be supported by scientific evidence. CDHA joins leading national and international scientific, public health, dental, medical, and government organizations in strongly supporting community water fluoridation.

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