Share your knowledge with your colleagues!

We are looking for interesting and informative material to publish in Oh Canada! and are seeking authors to submit short articles. Articles are accepted from members, dental industry partners, interprofessional partners, and others. Each issue will feature a special FOCUS section on a specific topic (see below) as well as regular columns:

  • Dental Hygiene at Home and Away
  • Workplace Wellness
  • Professional Practice
  • Talking Ethics
  • Advocacy in Action
  • Student Scene
  • Member Moments
  • Research & Resources
  • Provincial Post
  • Lighter Side

And special features on any topic you feel will be of interest to your fellow dental hygienists.

Submissions should be 150-800 words (including references) with photos and/or video clips.CDHA reserves the right to edit for length and clarity.

Future FOCUS topic areas

Upcoming Topics for 2024

  • Summer 2024: Interprofessional Collaboration/Medical-Dental Integration (working with primary health care teams and multidisciplinary health care delivery, oral systemic link, referral process, chairside health screenings and more.) - Deadline June 1
  • Fall/Winter 2024: AAP Periodontal Classifications - Deadline October 1

Please submit questions or content to Angie D'Aoust.

Contributor checklist for authors

Have you ensured the following:

  • Deadlines:
    • Fall/Winter: October 1

    • Spring: February 1

    • Summer: June 1

  • Word count: 400-800 words, including references (in Microsoft word .doc or .docx format) proofed. CDHA uses CP style for this publication.
  • Statements of fact or directly quoted material must be supported by citing references.
  • References must be formatted in Vancouver style. Number your references at the end of the document in the order in which they appear in the text (citation sequence) and use superscript numbers within the text to refer to your end references.
  • Images: photo/graphics/tables and/or video clip of suitable size and resolution with cutlines/captions.
  • Author photo provided: minimum 1" x 1" individual head and shoulders snapshot. Images should be in .jpg or .tiff format (not embedded in a Word .doc) and be 300dpi at a minimum
  • Photo release form completed. Download document
  • Copyright check. If you use photos/graphics/images/graphs/illustrations that do not belong to you, you must have permission and credit the source.
  • Interesting title for your article provided.
  • Author credentials included at top of article
  • Author email address/website address that may be published included at top of article
  • Acknowledge that CDHA reserves the right to edit/alter articles for length or clarity without re-submitting to author.

Word count guidelines for dental industry sponsored feature articles
(including references)

One page article: If text only (not recommended) 800 words. With one or two medium size images restrict to 600 words. Multiple images, large images or table(s), restrict to 400 words.

Two page article: If all text (not recommended) 1,600 words. With two - four medium size images restrict to 1,200 words. More than four images, large images or tables, restrict to 800 words.

Four page spread: If all text (not recommended) 3,200 words. With 5 or 6 medium size images, restrict to 2,400 words. More than six images, large images or tables restrict to 1,600 words.