UIN, Claim Forms & CDHAnet

CDHA National Claim Form

The CDHA National Claim Form is for the use of independent dental hygienists.

Completed CDHA dental hygiene claim forms can be printed and submitted manually to the insurance companies, either by the client or the dental hygienist on behalf of their client. To submit claims electronically, you must enroll in CDHA-ACHDnet.

CDHA National Referral Form

Completed forms can be printed and used by the dental hygienist for use during the referral process.


CDHA Unique Identification Number (UIN)

The following information is for independent practising dental hygienists who are providing services under their own name. If you will be submitting claims to insurance companies for payment, either to you as the provider or on behalf of your client, you will need a CDHA Unique Identification Number (UIN), also known as a provider number. The CDHA UIN consists of 9 unique numbers, starting with “202XXXXXX” that identifies you to the insurance carriers.

The CDHA roster of members' UINs must be current and accurate and renewed each year with your membership renewal. To apply for or renew your UIN you must also be a member of the Independent Practice Network (IPN). An additional $75 fee applies. Click here to join.

For more information, refer to the CDHA Direct System of Billing

Are you a new UIN applicant?

  • CDHA UIN Application Form
    UIN applications are processed once a week, on Tuesday mornings. Completed applications must be received by end of day Monday to be included in Tuesday's processing.

CDHA-ACHDnet™ - Electronic Billing

CDHA owns and maintains the CDHA-ACHDnet, our proprietary technology to enable dental hygienists to submit dental hygiene claim forms electronically to over 30 insurance carriers including Great West Life, Green Shield Canada, and Medavie Blue Cross.

To be eligible for CDHA-ACHDnet, you must be a member of CDHA’s Independent Practice Network (IPN), have an active UIN, internet access and a practice management software.


Step 1: Submit your CDHA-ACHDnet application form to CDHA. Pending approval, CDHA will issue you an office ID or affiliate you to an existing office ID.

Step 2: Select your messaging service option


No cost and no additional registration associated with the network. However, you must have "CCDWS" certified software. Please contact your software vendor to initiate setup.


Register and pay an annual subscription fee through instream. You must have instream compatible software. Once registered with instream, instructions will follow from instream regarding setup.

This process must be repeated for every provider at the office.

An enrollment form must be completed for each provider submitting at the office. If you are submitting at multiple offices, you must complete an enrollment form for each office.

To update your CDHAnet information on file, please complete the CDHAnet Account Update Form and return to CDHA.

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) - Direct Deposit

Several insurance carriers require an extra enrollment process for e-billing and Electronic Funds Transfer. Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) means that you will receive payment directly into your bank account. Additional information follows for enrollment with Express Scripts Canada and for TELUS Network.

Express Scripts Canada

Express Scripts Canada accepts e-claims from independent dental hygienists, including real time processing and electronic funds transfer (EFT). Information and instructions on enrollment, the provider manual and CDHAnet set-up and software configuration below:

TELUS Provider Registry for Direct Deposit

As of July 19, 2015, TELUS Provider Registry is offering dental hygienists the opportunity to sign up for direct deposit through secure email. This option is available to all CDHA-ACHDnet™ users. Not only will you receive payment faster, but the bulk payment will be directly deposited into your office bank account and will include reimbursement for all dental hygienist providers who practise in your office. You will also receive an electronic statement (view samples from Great West Life here). This service will streamline payment to your office and eliminate the need for part-time dental hygiene contractors to endorse insurance cheques.

Telus Provider Network Registration

Additional Programs

Non-Insured Health Benefits Program (NIHB)

Health Canada’s Non-Insured Health Benefits (NIHB) Program provides coverage for benefit claims for eligible First Nations and Inuit peoples. As of June 1, 2016, in all provinces where dental hygienists can practise independently, dental hygienists may begin submitting procedure claims as independent oral health care service providers. For more information, please download the Welcome Letter from NIHB (français) and the FAQ sheet (français).

To enrol, please visit https://nihb.express-scripts.ca/NIHBProvider/benefits/dental. Please note that enrolment for this program is done through Express Scripts Canada. Questions? Contact the CDHA at info@cdha.ca.