CDHA Awards

CDHA Award of Merit


The CDHA Award of Merit is given annually to a maximum of 4 individuals who have voluntarily made a meaningful contribution to dental hygiene and their community on a regular basis in a selfless, professional manner. CDHA supports dental hygienists in their professional activities. Members should have a means of acknowledging colleagues for such activities. This award provides an opportunity for CDHA to join with members in identifying and celebrating volunteer service.

The volunteer service may reflect one or more of the CDHA National Competencies: advocacy, collaboration, community involvement, culturally relevant practise, determinants of health, mentorship, diversity, ethics, health promotion, leadership, social justice, and social responsibility.

Previous CDHA Award of Merit Recipients

  • Leanne Huvenaars (2023)
  • Dean Lefebvre (2022)
  • Janice Ritchie (2022)
  • Mary Findlay (2022)
  • Noreen Ocampo (2022)
  • Katharine Chatten (2021)
  • Paulette Dahlseide (2021)
  • Shivvon Hayles (2021)
  • Balbir Sohi (2018)
  • Sharon Cavanagh (2016)
  • Dawn Mueller (2015)
  • Bev Woods (2014)
  • Carole Whitmer (2014)
  • Anne Caissie (2014)