Coronavirus (COVID-19)

April 1, 2020
Canada Emergency Response Benefit

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Coronavirus – Updates and information for dental hygienists

June 25, 2020

Updates and information for dental hygienists

CDHA is actively reviewing and assessing relevant information for dental hygienists related to the 2019 Novel Coronavirus infection. Check back for additional information as the situation evolves.

June 25 Update | FR
New mental health support, COVID record keeping, CERB extension, update for new/expectant mothers & more. Read More

June 17 Update | FR
Updated Return to Work Handbook, CERB extension, new curriculum for IPC policy webinar & more. Read More

June 11 Update | FR
Clarification of COVID-19 spread, new PD, PPE Supply, advocacy and parental leave. Read More

June 4 Update | FR
Return to work guidance and videos, advocacy support for seniors and paid sick leave and new IPAC webinar. Read More

May 27 Update | FR
Navigating return to work, professional liability coverage, employment Q&A, PPE issues & more. Read More

May 22 Update | FR
Return to Work Handbook, free IPAC webinar, employment Q&A video, and more. Read More

May 14 Update | FR
Return to work guidance, free IPC webinar, advice on consent forms and more. Read More

May 8 Update | FR
Member survey, PPE advocacy, financial assistance, more free PD & return to work resources Read More

May 1 Update | FR
Member survey, provincial re-opening, professional liability, new resources & PD Read More

Outbreak update
Refer to the Government of Canada for the latest on the current situation and the risk to Canadians.

Guidance for health professionals
Refer to the Government of Canada’s updates on what health professionals need to know about coronaviruses, the spectrum of illness, transmission, detection and reporting, infection prevention and control, and treatment. Health professionals in Canada have a critical role to play in identifying, reporting and managing potential cases of novel coronavirus infection.

World Health Organization – Coronavirus

Provincial or territorial resources

Additional information about the evolving situation may be found on your province’s or territory’s government website.

Contacting the manufacturers for the equipment used in your practice may also provide product advice that may assist.

Key articles

CDHA will continue to provide updates as they are available.

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