How Well Do You Know Your Oral Health Care Team?

As essential primary health care providers, dental hygienists are key members of the team of professionals who help you take care of your oral health. Working closely with dentists, denturists, and dental assistants, dental hygienists examine your mouth, head, and neck at every appointment and provide clinical therapy, such as removing calculus, plaque, and stains, and applying fluoride and sealants to help prevent and stabilize cavities. They also offer oral hygiene instruction and education, tobacco cessation and nutritional counselling, sports mouthguard fittings, and oral cancer screenings. In some provinces, they can prescribe medications.

While most dental hygienists work in traditional dental offices, a growing number are establishing clinics of their own or launching mobile dental hygiene practices allowing them to travel to their clients. Others work in public health units, hospitals, and longterm care facilities.

Regardless of where your dental hygiene visit takes place, remember to talk to your dental hygienist about how to improve your oral and overall health.

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