Purple Power Media Challenge!

There are 104 daily and 1,040 community newspapers in Canada. With 19,000 CDHA members, imagine the public awareness we could generate if we were able to get a story into each one?! Use the resources found below, or come up with your own ideas, to pitch oral health stories to your local media – newspaper, radio or TV. Your efforts will help us promote better oral health habits and educate the public about the important role of dental hygienists. Be sure to submit a sample of your coverage to marketing@cdha.ca to be eligible for Show us Your NDHW prizes.

Media Resources

Public Service Ad Mats

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Proclamation announcement

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News Release

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Oral Health promotion publicity tips

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Feature Articles

Download these feature articles (and feel free to adapt) to share with your local media or link to the online versions on your social media channels to generate awareness.

Early detection of oral cancer is key

Most oral cavity cancers can be treated if discovered early. Dental hygienists provide oral cancer screenings at each appointment and will make referrals to specialists if they spot anything unusual.

Protect your pearly whites: Use a sports mouthguard

Research has shown that the overall risk of orofacial injury is reduced when a sports mouthguard is worn during athletic activity.

Celebrate your smile during oral health month

National Dental Hygienists Week takes place from April 7 to13 as part of oral health month in Canada. The week's theme, “Oral Health for Total Health,” reminds us that taking care of our mouths, teeth and gums benefits our overall physical and mental well-being.

A 6-step plan for better oral health

Oral health is essential to overall health and well-being. As our partners in disease prevention, dental hygienists encourage us to commit to a good daily oral hygiene routine. All it takes is six simple steps:

Dental hygienists: Oral health care superheroes

Dental hygienists are oral health experts and primary healthcare providers. They work in traditional dental offices and independent dental hygiene practices, clinics, hospitals, long-term care facilities and the community.

Healthy eating for healthy teeth

Food and beverage choices affect your oral and overall health. The more sugar you eat, the worse off your teeth and body will be.

4 truths about your oral health

Dental hygienists, our partners in disease prevention, know the importance of maintaining healthy teeth and gums. They share their wisdom at every dental visit, debunking the oral health myths that prevent us from enjoying a perfect smile.

Oral healthcare for seniors

Today's seniors can expect to keep most, if not all, of their teeth as they age thanks to healthier lifestyles and advances in oral and medical care. But keeping those natural teeth healthy can be a challenge.

Children's oral health begins at home

Good oral health is essential to total health and well-being at any age. Parents and guardians can reduce the risks of dental decay by helping children and youth with their daily oral hygiene care.