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CDHA is thrilled to continue bringing you savings on entertainment, travel, shopping, dining, and more…now through Perkopolis!

Perkopolis is Canada’s leading provider of fully managed perk programs, continually sourcing exclusive, high-value offers, rewards, and benefits. Their bilingual concierge team is available via telephone, email or online chat to address any questions and manage all requests, six days a week.

from many national brands

to the Perkopolis platform

telephone, email, online chat

Free Registration

  1. Go to and click "Register" in the top right corner
  2. Register using your email address
  3. Once you receive the email to activate your registration, enter your unique ID code to complete the registration which consists of “CDHA” + your member ID number; for example: CDHA41573

Note: CDHA provides the current member list to Perkopolis every Tuesday. Perkopolis processes this information over the next two business days and then you will be eligible to register online with Perkopolis.

CDHA/BCDHA members: If you’ve previously registered for Perkopolis through BCDHA, you won’t need to register again as the offers will be the same. If you haven’t registered yet, please follow the steps above.

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If you are a new member in Alberta, Nova Scotia or Saskatchewan, your access to the CDHA Perks discount program will be activated once CDHA receives the membership list from your provincial body. If you wish to access this benefit sooner, please contact CDHA.