Supplementary Membership Options

Independent Practice Network (IPN)

A strong independent practice community can work together to change the face of oral health care in Canada. Support for CDHA’s independent practitioners is a high priority for the association. As we continue our efforts to advance independent practice, we recognize that formal mobilization of the group will help move us forward so the Independent Practice Network (IPN) was launched in 2014‒2015. The IPN is designed to meet your specific needs as a member of CDHA’s growing community of independent practice dental hygienists. By joining this exciting network, you will receive a number of exclusive benefits available ONLY to members of the IPN.

While all members can purchase access to the independent practice network, individuals must ensure they are able to practice independently in accordance with their regulatory body and have full active CDHA membership.

Educator Group

CDHA is committed to supporting dental hygiene educators across the country and understands their needs are unique. As a result, CDHA is pleased to offer a supplementary Educator membership to all current, retired and aspiring educators. Both individual and institutional memberships are available.

Benefits for Educators
  • Online Educator Community: CDHA’s Online Educator Community provides a forum for sharing information and ideas, and communicating with educator colleagues. There are currently more than 300 members who subscribe to this exclusive community.
  • Professional Development Opportunities: Receive discounted registration to workshops. These activities enable you to connect in a different way with CDHA members of like mind.
  • Have Your Say: Participate in educator-specific questionnaires to help shape CDHA resources and guide CDHA advocacy efforts to advance dental hygiene education in Canada.

The individual Educator membership fee is $50.

The fee schedule for the Educator institutional membership is based on the number of dental hygiene educators you wish to enroll from your institution:

  • $100 flat rate for 3‒5 Dental Hygiene Educators
  • $200 flat rate for 6‒15 Dental Hygiene Educators
  • $400 flat rate for 16 or more Dental Hygiene Educators

Please note that individuals listed under your institution must be dental hygienists and CDHA members in order to have access to CDHA’s Educator benefits. You must return the completed form including payment to CDHA (see form for details).