Upcoming CDHA Events

These engaging sessions on a variety of timely dental hygiene topics are designed to expand your knowledge, refine your skills, and enhance your professional judgement. Coupled with our webinars and online courses, these workshops provide another layer of evidence-based learning to support your clinical practice.

Upcoming Events

Title Sponsor Date
CDHA Summit (Winnipeg, MB) N/A October 20–21, 2023
An Overview of Oral Pathology (Calgary, AB) PHILIPS November 4, 2023
Local Anesthetics, Vasoconstrictors, and Clinical Dental Considerations (Virtual) N/A February 10, 2024
CDHA Conference (Niagara Falls, ON) N/A October 17–19, 2024

Recent Events

Title Sponsor Date
IP Connections Café: Buying and Selling a Dental Hygiene Business (Toronto, ON) Professional Practice Sales November 18, 2022
AAP Workshop (Edmonton, AB) PHILIPS November 5, 2022
AGM Education Session (Virtual) Oral Science October 22, 2022

Workshop Benefits


Connect, discuss, and engage with presenters and other CDHA members in real time for a richer, more meaningful learning experience


Gain a greater understanding of the topic in face-to-face discussions with others

Individualized Attention

Get immediate explanations and answers to your burning questions


Explore a specific topic in depth, with guidance from the presenter and without interruption or distractions

Hands-on Opportunities

Collaborate in small groups or work on psychomotor skills such as instrumentation


Build relationships with like-minded dental hygiene professionals in the CDHA community

Here’s what your colleagues have to say:

The workshop was very informative, with an excellent, knowledgeable speaker, and a lot of workable examples. I managed to understand a complicated topic in 6 hours. Excellent value!

We had a great table of people and fantastic conversation. Good to connect with other hygienists from around the province.

The speaker stayed on topic, was excellent in engaging the audience. Adapted the workshop to the Canadian dental world. Left the workshop with more knowledge and confidence.

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CANCELLATION POLICY: Please note that registration fees are non-refundable.