How Do CDHA Webinars Work?

The information provided below will help you better understand how CDHA webinars work. If you need further information, send us an email at

Webinar Registration & Viewing

All CDHA webinars are pre-recorded and released periodically for immediate viewing. Once registered, you can watch the webinar from your My Profile page at your convenience.

Webinar Expiration Dates

When a member registers for a webinar, it will be available until their current membership expires. A member can re-register after that date as long as the member has renewed their membership and the webinar is still available in our online library. When a non-member purchases a webinar, it will be available for one year from the purchase date. Webinar expiration date(s) will be listed in your online profile. CDHA strongly recommends viewing webinars well in advance of the expiry date.

Webinar Q&A

Following the release of most recorded webinars, there will be a two-week period where viewers can submit up to three questions related to the webinar topic. The top questions will be addressed by the presenter and responses will be posted to the webinar curriculum within six weeks of the webinar release.

Quizzes & Proof of Completion

Any evaluative component of the webinar will be available immediately after viewing. Once you have completed and passed the multiple choice quiz with a score of at least 80% or completed the open-ended self reflection questions, a certificate of completion will be made available on your My Profile page.

Number of Credits/Hours

CDHA webinars are generally one hour in length, however please refer to the second page of your certificate for the estimated completion time. Please consult your provincial regulatory authority to determine the number of eligible credits.

Need More Help?

Should you have questions or require assistance, please call the CDHA at 613-224-5515 or 1-800-267-5235

For technical support, contact CDHA technical support at extension 500. For questions relating to the content, learning activities or quiz, contact the manager of professional development at extension 128 or send an email to