Pandemic Impact on Mental Health of Dental Hygienists

Release Date: February 22, 2023
Duration: 45 minutes


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This webinar, in collaboration with the Healthy Professional Worker Partnership, examines the mental health, leaves of absence, and return to work experiences of dental hygienists compared to other healthcare professionals in dentistry, medicine, nursing, and midwifery. Learn how personal, familial, work, organizational, and pandemic factors influence the mental health, distress, burnout, and intention to quit the dental hygiene profession.

If you are experiencing signs of distress or burnout, access your member and family assistance program (MFAP) offered by Homewood Health, a CDHA member benefit, or the resources available in the Healthy & Respectful Workplace section of CDHA’s website.

Signs of distress include feeling:

  • nervous
  • hopeless
  • restless or fidgety
  • depressed
  • worthless
  • that everything takes an effort

Signs of burnout include feeling:

  • emotionally exhausted (drained, tired, unable to cope)
  • detached or overly cynical
  • ineffective, negative, or irritable