Radiation Safety Course for Dental Hygienists


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Course Completion Time:

Approx. 4-5hrs

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Course Description

CDHA and the Ontario Association of Medical Radiation Sciences (OAMRS) have developed a four-module course that provides fundamental knowledge about the safe operation of x-ray equipment. It reviews how x-rays affect the body and how dental hygienists can protect themselves their co-workers and their clients from unnecessary radiation exposure. This information will facilitate meaningful conversations between dental hygienists and clients who have questions about radiographic procedures.

The four modules are:

Module 1: X-Ray Physics Review

Module 1 provides the learner with a basic understanding of x-ray physics, including the nature of radiation, how x-rays interact with matter, and how the x-ray tube functions to produce x-rays. It is important to understand these basic principles to work safely with radiation in your dental practice. These principles will underpin the other modules in this course.

Module 2: Radiation Biology

Module 2 provides the learner with a thorough overview of the concepts of radiation biology. Understanding how radiation affects our cells is crucial to working safely with it. This module will begin with a review of basic cell biology and quickly move on to how different characteristics of the cell influence its sensitivity to ionizing radiation. The module wraps up with an exploration of the possible biological effects of radiation exposure.

Module 3: Radiation Protection

Module 3 will cover how we can work with this hazardous material in a safe manner. Working safely with radiation will help to protect us from the effects of exposure and it will also help us to protect our clients during radiographic procedures.

Module 4: Legislation Overview

In module 4, we will look at some of the legislation across the country that applies to the practice of taking radiographic images in a dental setting. It is up to each dental hygienist to be aware of specific regulations applicable to their practice in each province. Resources are available within the slides for your review.

More course details are below. Expected course completion time is 4-5 hours (excluding the quizzes).

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