Oral Cancer Screening for Today’s Population (2015)


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Course Completion Time:

Approx. 5-6hrs

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Course Description

This course is designed to provide dental hygienists with elevated awareness of the incidence, mortality, and morbidity of oral and oropharyngeal cancers so that they may effectively transfer this knowledge to their clients.

Dental hygienists play an integral role in early discovery through opportunistic screening, which can significantly reduce the mortality rate of oral cancer. This course reviews typical risk factors along with the emergence of an atypical profile that today’s dental hygienists need to consider. Communication strategies regarding client education and self-examination are highlighted. A systematic approach to assessment, management, and referral will be provided to assist the dental hygienist in practice.

Successful completion of this course will ensure that dental hygienists possess the necessary level of knowledge, skills, and clinical judgment to competently perform a comprehensive extraoral and intraoral examination, including the oral cancer screening examination, and prepare subsequent documentation and referrals for an abnormal finding.

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