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Welcome to CDHA online courses! These learning opportunities, on a variety of topics, are designed to help you upgrade your knowledge, skills, and professional judgement. Coupled with webinars, online courses provide another layer of evidence-informed learning to support your clinical dental hygiene practice. If you have further questions about CDHA courses, please read the Course FAQs.

CDHA courses are typically recognized by your regulatory authority and can be used toward your quality assurance requirements. Please consult your regulatory college for more information. Courses subject to change.

Business Growth: Invest, Expand, Evolve

This online course, consisting of four video modules and supporting resources, will provide guidance to dental hygiene entrepreneurs on the next steps in expanding and diversifying their business.

IPN member: $19.00
Member (non-IPN): $109.00
Non-Member: $219.00

Completion Time: 2-3 hours

Oral & Oropharyngeal Cancer Screening for Today’s Population

This course is designed to provide dental hygienists with a clearer understanding of the incidence, mortality, and morbidity of oral and oropharyngeal cancers so that they can effectively transfer this knowledge to their clinical practice and clients.

Member: $169.00
Non-Member: $339.00
Student/Graduated Student Member: $49.00

Completion Time: 5-6 hours

Business Fundamentals: Ready, Set, Launch

This informative and practical online course will provide the necessary knowledge and tools for dental hygiene entrepreneurs to move forward with their dream of establishing and operating their own business. It will help you focus and determine if now is the right time to start your business.

IPN member: $49.00
Member (non-IPN): $199.00
Non-Member: $399.00

Completion Time: 25 hours

Self-Initiation for Dental Hygienists Nova Scotia

The Self-Initiation for Dental Hygienists in Nova Scotia course will ensure that you have comprehensive knowledge of the dental hygiene process of care, which forms the framework within which dental hygiene care is conducted.

Member: $199.00
Student member: $101.00
Non-Member: $399.00

Completion Time: 15 hours

Knowledge of Dental Hygiene Practice in Nova Scotia: Jurisprudence

The Knowledge of Dental Hygiene Practice in Nova Scotia: Jurisprudence course will ensure you have comprehensive knowledge of the regulations and the legal framework of dental hygiene practice in Nova Scotia. The course emphasizes the most important areas of this framework and its supporting documents, including contraindications to care, standards of practice, and record keeping.

Member: $50.00
Student member: not available
Non-Member: $100.00

Completion Time: 5 hours

DISCLOSURE: CDHA has no commercial interest in any products or services discussed in any of our online courses.

EDUCATIONAL DISCLAIMER: Completing a CDHA online course does not provide the viewer with expertise on the presented topic. Viewers are encouraged to use evidence-informed approaches by doing their own research before implementing new products, technologies or procedures into their clinical practice.

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