Detect, Respond, Refer: Helping to End Woman Abuse (course offered through WomanACT)


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Course Completion Time:

Approx. 5-7hrs

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Due to a software interruption, course registration is unavailable at this time. Registration is expected to be available mid-Fall 2021.

This course is being offered through WomanACT. Registration, training, and certificates are managed by WomanACT, not CDHA. For questions about the course, contact WomanACT at or 1-416-944-9242 ex. 225

Course Description

Three-quarters of the physical injuries sustained by women who experience violence and abuse in their intimate relationships occur to the head, neck, mouth, and face.

Detect, Respond, Refer: Helping to End Woman Abuse online training is designed to help you as you work with clients and coworkers who may be victims of woman abuse. An online resource for dental hygienists developed by Springtide Resources in partnership with the Ontario Dental Hygienists' Association and promoted by the Canadian Dental Hygienists Association, this self-directed training includes presentations with audio and numerous assessment opportunities.

The course consists of four modules:

  • Understanding woman abuse
  • Responding to woman abuse
  • Organizational strategies for responding to woman abuse
  • Taking care of yourself

The modules have notes that may be downloaded and saved for future reference. Several case studies are also part of the modules, presenting realistic situations that Canadian dental hygienists might face in their practices.

This course will:

  • enable you to gain a better understanding of woman abuse and its impact on the lives of women and their children
  • increase your ability to DETECT, effectively RESPOND, and appropriately REFER women experiencing abuse in their intimate relationships
  • assist you in creating a safe workplace for both clients and work colleagues
  • help you appreciate the impact on your personal and professional life when responding to women experiencing violence and their children

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