Knowledge of Dental Hygiene Practice in Nova Scotia: Jurisprudence (disponible en Français)


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Course Description

This section is designed for those dental hygienists who may have previously completed the Self-Initiation for Dental Hygienists Course in another jurisdiction.

The "Knowledge of Dental Hygiene Practice in Nova Scotia" course will ensure you have comprehensive knowledge of the regulations of the dental hygiene process of care, which forms the framework within which dental hygiene care is conducted.

The course reviews the Dental Hygienists Act of Nova Scotia, 2007, and the accompanying Regulations, and includes information on the “CDHNS Best Practices for Self-Initiation,” which outlines all contraindications to self-initiating scaling and root planing, including curetting surrounding tissue, as per the Regulations. The course will also assist you in understanding the requirements for an order from a dentist, according to the Regulations’ Schedule A: “Suggested Protocol for Authorizing Dental Hygienists to Perform Procedures.” Knowledge of the contraindications to self-initiation of dental hygiene care will help you make a professional judgment about whether to consult, refer, or postpone treatment. The requirements of informed consent and record-keeping are also considered.

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