Dental Hygiene Practice in Nova Scotia: Jurisprudence


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Approx. 5hrs

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Course Description

Under the regulation 8 (1) (g), all dental hygienists who apply to be registered and licensed with the College of Dental Hygienists of Nova Scotia (CDHNS) must successfully demonstrate their knowledge of dental hygiene practice in Nova Scotia.There are two courses that allow dental hygienists to do so; the completion of one will meet the requirement: either the Knowledge of Dental Hygiene Practice in Nova Scotia: Jurisprudence course (JP) or the Self-Initiation Course for Nova Scotia (SI), the latter of which includes the JP content. If you successfully complete the SI course for Nova Scotia, you are not required to complete this separate JP course.

If you have started to complete the CDHNS checklist for applicants, you will have noticed the course requirements for registration and licensure. To determine which of the two courses is most appropriate for you, consult with CDHNS prior to making your course selection. Upon successful completion of either course, you must submit a copy of the certificate of completion with your application to the college.

The Knowledge of Dental Hygiene Practice in Nova Scotia: Jurisprudence course will ensure you have comprehensive knowledge of the regulations and the legal framework of dental hygiene practice in Nova Scotia. The course emphasizes the most important areas of this framework and its supporting documents, including contraindications to care, standards of practice, and record keeping.

The course deals with the legal framework or jurisprudence that governs the practice of dental hygiene in Nova Scotia. Some of the most important documents such as the Dental Hygienists Act of Nova Scotia, 2007, and the accompanying Regulations are reviewed. It includes information on the CDHNS Best Practices for Self-Initiation document, which outlines all contraindications to self-initiating scaling and root planing, including curetting surrounding tissue, according to the Regulations. The course will also assist you in understanding the use of “Schedule A—Suggested Protocol for Authorizing Dental Hygienist to Perform Procedures.” Knowledge of the contraindications to self-initiation of dental hygiene care will help you make a professional judgement about whether to consult, refer or postpone treatment. The requirements of informed consent and record keeping are also considered.

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