CDHA Job Market and Employment Survey

Every two years, CDHA conducts a compensation survey to gauge employment trends in Canada and collect and analyse data on key aspects of the profession. CDHA administers the study through a contracted third party to ensure confidentiality and privacy of responses.

The 2019 online survey will be sent to dental hygienists across the country directly from Nanos Research, which will administer the survey to ensure confidentiality and privacy of responses. The survey should take 10 to 15 minutes to complete and includes questions about:
  • salary rates and employment benefits
  • key job responsibilities and decision-making authority
  • practice environment
  • future plans
  • incidence of workplace-related injury
Upon survey completion, members will be eligible to enter into a draw for one of the following prizes:
  • one of two (2) BackPlus® Pro 3 in 1 Massager (value $179.00 each); or
  • one of twenty (20) $10.00 Starbucks or Tim Horton Gift Cards

Prize winners can also choose to donate an equivalent value of their prize to the charity of their choice.
Whether you are interviewing for a new job, negotiating an employment contract, preparing for your first job interview or considering relocating to another province or territory, the CDHA Job Market and Employment Survey is a valuable source of information.
If you haven’t received an email invitation to participate in the survey from Nanos Research, please contact Melanie Martin, CDHA’s director of dental hygiene practice.