Business Protection Insurance for Independent Dental Hygienists

Whether your dream is to build a new practice from scratch, start a mobile dental hygiene practice, or work from your own home, CDHA provides the tools, courses, resources, and expert advice to get you started.

Business Package Insurance Program

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If you operate your own business, provide mobile services, or provide services as an independent contractor, it’s important to be aware of additional exposures you may face. BMS offers CDHA members comprehensive and cost-effective insurance solutions for your practice needs, including Clinic Professional Liability, Commercial General Liability (CGL), Clinic Package (CGL, Property, Crime & Business Interruption), Cyber Security and Privacy Liability, and Employment Practices Liability. Learn More.

View the program website for more information.

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Email BMS at or call 1-855-318-6557 for information about the Clinic Business Package.

Insurance Solutions that Protect You and Your Business

In addition to Professional Liability Insurance (PLI), CDHA members have access to a range of insurance products designed to protect you and your business for other exposures. Watch our short video to gain a better understanding of the tailored solutions available that are designed to meet your professional needs.

Cyber Risk Mitigation Strategies

There are a number of strategies you can adopt to help manage the risk that comes with storing confidential information, such as backing up critical data to a separate location and using multi-factor authentication for cloud-based services. Learn more about how you can mitigate your cyber risk here.

Cyber Security & Privacy Liability

In a world driven by digital innovation, safeguarding your online presence is non-negotiable. Learn about the key components of the Cyber Security & Privacy Liability policy available to CDHA members by watching this video.

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