Business Courses

Business Fundamentals Course

Business Fundamentals: Ready, Set, Launch

This comprehensive online course is designed to empower dental hygiene entrepreneurs in realizing their dream of establishing and operating their own business! The course guides participants in assessing their entrepreneurial strengths and weaknesses, determining readiness for starting a dental hygiene practice, and initiating the development of a business plan. It delves into evaluating the feasibility of the business, aiding in the selection of an optimal business location. The module on marketing facilitates the creation of a strategic marketing and communications plan. The operations module covers essential aspects of practice management, leadership roles, information management, purchasing, staff recruitment, and the development of resource manuals. The final module assists in organizing business-related finances, fostering an understanding of financial concepts, and by the course's conclusion, participants will have a tangible business plan. For those who have already started their own business, this course may serve to reinforce your decision, suggest areas for improvement and help you develop a business plan if needed for future financing.

Business Growth Course

Business Growth: Invest, Expand, Evolve

This online course, consisting of four video modules and supporting resources, will provide guidance to dental hygiene entrepreneurs on the next steps in expanding and diversifying their business. Module 1 explores recent trends in independent dental hygiene practice in Canada, discussing the emotional stages of entrepreneurship, and providing insights into building effective support systems. Module 2 emphasizes the significance of interprofessional collaboration to expand the client base and enhance oral health services, and also addresses the importance of a strong online presence. Module 3 explores the transition from sole proprietorship to a corporation, different types of corporations, and available financing options. Lastly, Module 4 offers practical advice on onboarding staff and health professionals, diversity equity and inclusion, creating office policy and procedure manuals, incorporating software for streamlined operations, and even explores the potential for franchising.