RDH Inspirations
Guidelines & How to Upload Your Video

Thank you for your interest in creating a short video to share what you love about being a dental hygienist, the profession, or your great workplace. Your video will appear on CDHA’s social media channels under our #mondaymotivation #RDHinspirations hashtag to inspire your colleagues and share the positive side of the dental hygiene profession.

Recording Guidelines & Tips

Here are some guidelines and tips to consider when recording your video:

  • Videos should be no more than 30 seconds to 1 minute.
  • Topics can include:
    • What you love about the profession.
    • What you love about your workplace.
    • Why your dental team is so great to work with.
    • What opportunities the profession has provided to you.
    • A heartwarming/feel good story of how you made a difference for a client (ensure they aren’t identifiable unless they sign a consent form).
  • Feel free to include your dental hygiene colleagues, or other dental team members in your video (with their knowledge and permission).
  • Be creative!


Set Up/Location

  • When using a smartphone, always record in portrait mode and centre yourself/the main subject in the frame.
  • Record somewhere quiet.
  • A setting with a lot of natural light is best and face toward the light.
  • Consider your background. Keep it simple. Ensure no clients are part of the video unless you have their knowledge and permission.


  • Introduce yourself and where you’re from.
  • Speak a little slower than normal, clearly and at a medium volume.
  • Be energetic, positive and have fun!
  • Use of a script is fine, but make sure to read it a few times beforehand. We want to see and hear your personality.
  • If you make mistake, just re-record.
  • Imagine you’re talking to a friend, because you are!
  • And last, but not least, be yourself! We’re interested in the real you and your positive experience!

Questions? Please contact Donna Wells at dwells@cdha.ca

Thank you for sharing your positive message about the dental hygiene profession!