Healthy Workplace Matters

The Canadian Dental Hygienists Association, the Canadian Dental Association, and the Canadian Dental Assistants Association are unified in their message that all oral health care professionals are entitled to work in a healthy and respectful environment that nurtures a positive workplace culture.

A healthy and respectful work environment:

  • reduces workplace stress, conflict, and problems.
  • improves communication among colleagues and enhances teamwork.
  • increases productivity, knowledge, and understanding.
  • provides for better client care leading to improved client outcomes.

Members of the three associations collaborated to develop and curate resources and educational materials to effect positive change in the workplace for all oral care team members. Available on the new Healthy Workplace Matters microsite, these resources address multi-purpose, legal, mental health, physical health, and workplace safety issues. You will also find downloadable resources and a video resource section that includes a series of Q&A video vignettes on legal matters, communication, and mental health.

Please go to: Healthy Workplace Matters

Sample Videos

Building resilience

When should I as an
employee find another job as
the environment is not changing?

How to Deal with a Practice
that Doesn’t Give a Lunch or
other Breaks During the Day