CDHA Board of Directors

To make the best use of CDHA's resources, our board uses a Policy Governance® model, a proven decision-making system that unlocks the potential of organizations. This system has provided us with strategic leadership, clear rules on delegation, and a means of overseeing and evaluating the performance of our board. In addition, this model lends itself to the kind of big-picture thinking needed by CDHA to achieve its long-term objectives.

The CDHA Board of Directors is more than a body that reviews decisions and activities. It is a think-tank for CDHA, and that's where our board's visionary role comes into play.

The board remains focused on the 5 broad areas of need where outcomes are required. These issues are addressed by the board through written policies to the CEO that describe organization ends that need to be achieved and situations that need to be addressed. Just as importantly, it describes situations and actions that need to be avoided. The board also helps develop national positions and standards for dental hygiene practice, education, research, and regulation. Through this work, CDHA serves both its members and the Canadian public more effectively.

Tracy Bowser

Prince Edward Island

Sophia Baltzis

Past President

Leanne Huvenaars


Natasha Burian

Yukon, Northwest Territories, Nunavut

Anne Caissie

New Brunswick

Mandy Hayre

British Columbia

Tiffany Ludwicki

Newfoundland & Labrador

Kathy Yerex


Beth Ryerse


Alexandra Sheppard


Wendy Stewart

Nova Scotia

Francine Trudeau