About CDHA

Our Mission

CDHA exists so that its members are able to provide quality preventive and therapeutic oral health care as well as health promotion for the Canadian public

CDHA Ends Policy

The board's decisions on strategic direction take the form of specific, measurable outcomes called "Ends".

  1. Public Policy Environment
    Members play a key role in influencing the public policy environment to improve not only their ability to practice as primary health care providers, but also the overall health of Canadians.
  2. Professional practice
    Members have the resources to work as an integral part of a health care team.
    2.1 Healthy and Respectful Workplace
    Members have the resources to ensure a healthy and respectful workplace.
  3. Public Recognition
    The Canadian public understands and values the dental hygiene profession.
  4. Professional Knowledge
    Members create, contribute to, and utilize a growing body of professional knowledge and research.
  5. Leadership
    Members’ potential for professional leadership is developed.