Business Fundamentals: Ready, Set, Launch


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Approx. 25hrs

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This course went above and beyond all my expectations. Every module is thoroughly explained and well-organized. The exam and assignment with each module were reflective of the course content and helped me retain more information and get a head start to complete my business plan with everything you need to include plus extra resources.
- Zohra in Saskatchewan


This informative and practical online course will provide the necessary knowledge and tools for dental hygiene entrepreneurs to move forward with their dream of establishing and operating their own business. It will help you focus and determine if now is the right time to start your business. You will be guided along the way to apply your learning in the creation of a business plan. By the end of the course, you will have a tangible product with which to realize your dream! For those who have already decided to start their own business, this course may serve to reinforce your decision and suggest areas for improvement.

Regulation and licensure of health care professionals falls under the jurisdiction of the provinces and territories in Canada. The laws and regulations define the scope of practice for dental hygienists in the specified province/territory. As a result, there are variations in legal scopes of practice and autonomy across Canada. You are required to use the information presented in this course according to the regulations and guidelines affecting independent practice and business ownership in your province/territory. Please consult your regulatory college for more information.

The Business Fundamentals: Ready, Set, Launch online course consists of five modules. It is recommended to take the modules in sequence.

Module 1: Business Model

This introductory module will assess your entrepreneurial strengths and weaknesses, assist you in determining if you are ready to open a dental hygiene practice before investing money into a new venture, and get you started on a business plan.

Module 2: Feasibility

You will need to determine the feasibility and market potential of your business. This module will assist you with selecting a business location and assessing if your business idea is attainable.

Module 3: Marketing

This module will assist you in the development of a marketing and communications strategy for your business. You will utilize the research gathered in the previous module regarding feasibility of your business plan.

Module 4: Operations

Practice management includes understanding your role as manager and leader, how to manage business-related information, how to coordinate and manage purchasing, how to recruit and hire staff, how to develop a human resources manual, and the importance of setting and enforcing quality standards in all aspects of the business. This module will assist you with day-to-day operations required to run your business.

Module 5: Finances

This module will assist you with organizing your business-related finances and understanding financial concepts and financial statements.

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