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Once again, we are pleased to offer our CDHA / GoodLife Fitness Member Discount Program. This program offers substantial savings – up to 60% off the regular individual membership.

CDHA Goodlife Membership Includes:

  • Access to over 100+ GoodLife Fitness Clubs across Canada
  • World renowned Group Exercise fitness programs
  • Professionally trained staff who assist you in achieving your goals
  • Child minding (optional fee)
  • Corporate rate extended to family members living under the same roof.
    *You must be a member of the CDHA/Goodlife program before your family members may join

So, whether you are an avid gym enthusiast or a first time member, we hope you are as excited as we are to get this great program started. We encourage you to register and to get started on the track to a healthy & active lifestyle.

Thank you very much for your participation in the program!

CDHA GoodLife Fitness Programs & Classes

There are a number of great programs for all ages & experience Levels. You can choose from the list below to tailor a workout program to meet your fitness goals.

Special Fitness Programs:

  • Group training
  • Winter Waister
  • Summer Sizzler
  • Golf Conditioning
  • Running Program

Group Exercise Classes:

  • Body PUMP
  • BodySTEP
  • BodyFLOW
  • BodyCOMBAT
  • ABS-olutely
  • YOGA

Visit for more information

CDHA GoodLife Fitness Registration & Sign-up

New changes for our GoodLife Corporate Program effective September 1st 2011

  • As of September 1st, 2011, all GoodLife membership cards will be picked up at your GoodLife club location of choice.
  • All replacement cards will now be requested and issued at your local club.
  • Members with existing personal Goodlife memberships who wish to cancel in order to join in our corporate membership will no longer be required to visit their club for processing.  The cancellation will be processed upon submission of the PAP Cancellation Form to the CDHA office by fax (613) 224-7283 or by email
Start Date
(Based on End date 15 November)
Final Total (plus TAX) Deadline to Submit
15 November $360.00 + tax 31 October 2013
15 December $330.83 + tax 30 November 2013
15 January $301.67 + tax 31 December 2013
15 February $272.50 + tax 31 January 2014
15 March $243.33 + tax 28 February 2014
15 April $214.17 + tax 31 March 2014
15 May $185.00 + tax 30 April 2014
15 June $155.83 + tax 31 May 2014
15 July $126.67 + tax 30 June 2014
15 August $97.50 + tax 31 July 2014
15 September $68.33 + tax 31 August 2014
15 October $39.17 + tax 30 September 2014

*If you are a Quebec member joining our Goodlife Corporate program,please contact the CDHA office 613-224-5515 ext. 126

CDHA GoodLife Fitness ~ FAQ

Q. I already have an individual membership with GoodLife Fitness. Can I cancel my existing membership and take advantage of the discount program?
A. Yes, existing GL members can cancel their individual memberships by downloading a special cancellation form on CDHA's web site. The cancellation will be processed upon submission of the PAP Cancellation Form to the CDHA office by fax (613)224-7283 or by email

Q. I have an existing GL membership with another Corporate Program. What happens if I decide to become a CDHA member? Am I precluded from taking advantage of the CDHA GoodLife Discount Program?
A. Not at all, once your existing GoodLife Fitness membership expires, you are free to join the CDHA GoodLife Fitness Discount Program without penalty.

Q. Can my Family members Sign up for the program as well?
A. Yes, however; CDHA members must be a member of the CDHA/Goodlife program before their family members may join. Family members must be living together with CDHA member under the same roof.

Q. I understand that your Program starts November 15, but what if I want to sign up after this date?
A. You can still sign up – your annual membership will be prorated.

Q. How do I know if there is a GoodLife Fitness facility in my area?
A. Go to – GoodLife Fitness is continuing to expand its facilities across Canada – check their web site for updates on new locations and facilities.

Q. How do I receive my CDHA/Goodlife membership card?
A. As of September 1st 2011, all goodlife membership cards will be picked up at your Goodlife club location of choice with your photo ID. Goodlife memberships receipt and Goodlife welcome letter.

Q. How can I get a replacement CDHA/Goodlife membership card?
A. Effective September 1st 2011, all replacement cards will be requested and issued at your local Goodlife Club.

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