Welcome to the CDHA Dental Hygiene Recognition Program (DHRP). This program, made possible through the contributions of CDHA and its Corporate Partners, is designed to recognize the efforts and accomplishments of CDHA members including practising dental hygienists and dental hygiene students.

CDHA Dental Hygiene Recognition Awards 2014

CDHA Dental Hygiene Recognition Awards 2014
in partnership with Dental Industry and our Affinity Partners

2013 Winners

Click here to see the 2013 award recipients

Scholarships Program

NEW Colgate-Palmolive - CDHA Dental Hygiene Academic Admission Scholarship Program

CDHA is pleased to partner with Colgate-Palmolive to offer up to $10,000 in scholarships to CDHA student members who are currently enrolled in the first year of a Canadian dental hygiene program.

Announcing the Hu-Friedy CDHA Nevi Scholarship Program

CDHA was pleased to partner with Hu-Friedy to offer $10,000 in scholarships to CDHA members continuing their education through a masters or bachelors program.

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