CDHA National List of Service Codes

Over ninety percent of dental hygienists in Canada are self-regulating. The regulation of dental hygiene care is the responsibility of provincial dental hygiene regulatory authorities, as mandated by provincial legislation. The legislative trend in health care reform in Canada reflects increased direct access by the public to dental hygiene services.

The CDHA National List of Service Codes is intended for use by provincial dental hygiene associations for the purpose of selecting codes they wish to incorporate into their fee guides. Assignment of suggested fees to the service codes is not the mandate of CDHA, but rather, the provincial dental hygiene associations. This document also provides the list of service codes and definitions for dental hygienists using the CDHA National List of Service Codes and for third party dental plan administrators.

As a result of changes in legislation across most provinces in Canada, dental hygienists working in alternative practice settings now need to directly bill their clients, and/or submit claims on their clients’ behalf, for reimbursement from dental benefit plans. Dental hygienists practicing independently may refer to the appropriate provincial dental hygiene fee guide to assist with billing clients. Direct billing is not intended for use by dental hygienists employed within traditional dental offices or in provinces where direct public access to dental hygiene care has not been legislated.

All codes within the National List of Service Codes are not necessarily applicable to every province since regulations and scope of practice differ from province to province. It is the ethical, moral and legal responsibility of dental hygienists utilizing these codes to do so in a manner not conflicting with their provincial regulations. Dental hygienists should ensure the services for which they provide and bill are included within their scope of practice. Dental hygienists with questions regarding the scope of practice should contact the provincial dental hygiene regulatory authority for clarification.

The CDHA National Service Codes have been updated and revised for 2012!