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Oral Health Product Trends • February 26, 2021

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CleanJoy is VOCO’s new fluoride and xylitol-containing, minimally abrasive prophy paste in three cleaning grits and three delicious flavors. CleanJoy features Fine Dual Filler (FDF) Technology, which allows for gentle but effective stain removal. The optimized filler particles enable splatter control for the clinician and a smoother client experience without the sandy feeling found in traditional pastes.


SciCan OPTIM ® 1 – now available in Canada!

OPTIM® 1 is a one-step surface cleaner & disinfectant with a fast one-minute contact time – for everything you expect from OPTIM, only faster! Viruses. Bacteria. Fungi. Emerging viruses. Each OPTIM 1 Wipe goes a long way to disinfect a larger area than you can with competitors. OPTIM has demonstrated effectiveness against viruses similar to Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) on hard non-porous surfaces and non-invasive medical devices. This product can therefore be used against COVID-19 when used in accordance with the directions for use against Poliovirus on hard, non-porous surfaces, and non-invasive medical devices.

Philips Sonicare Brush
Head Sanitizer

Backed by the clinically proven Philips Sonicare technology you trust, the UV brush head sanitizer helps give your patients the confidence of a hygienic clean every time they brush.

  • Kills up to 99% of bacteria and viruses 1
  • Quick clean technology sanitizes up to two brush heads in 10 minutes
  • Built-in Philips Sonicare toothbrush charger 2
  • Fits all adult snap-on Philips Sonicare brush heads3

For more information click here or
call 1-800–278–8282.

1H.A. HSV-1 for use with InterCare (i), DiamondClean (w2), Sensitive (S), SimplyClean (C1) and Premium Plaque Control (C3)
Not compatible with DiamondClean, DiamondClean 9000, or DiamondClean Smart
3Not compatible with E-series or Sonicare For Kids Brush Heads


Be one of the first to try the new Oral-B iO power toothbrush and recommend with confidence! 

The new innovative Oral-B iO power toothbrush is designed to deliver an irresistible brushing experience for cleaner teeth, healthier gums*. From the concentrated energy, oscillating-rotating brush head plus micro-vibrations, to its smart pressure sensor, the iO power toothbrush is certainly a strong contender against oral health issues. 

Take advantage of the exclusive trial offer and save up to 65% when you order through!

* vs. a regular manual toothbrush.

Oral Science, Your EMS Partner!

Oral Science—your New EMS, AirFlow & Guided Biofilm Therapy Premium Partner. Through our team of registered dental hygienists, we will be able to support progressive Canadian dental professionals integrate the AirFlow Prophylaxis Master system and the Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT) protocol. This leading-edge technique will become the cornerstone to ensure superior clinical outcomes, increase profitability, and offer an optimal client experience. We look forward to being your partner during this exciting journey! Click the link to schedule a free presentation on how to integrate the Guided Biofilm Therapy protocol using the new AirFlow Prophylaxis Master!


CariFree products can help interrupt the disease process a number of ways, preventing the cavities from ever forming. The unique pH correcting formula of CariFree products helps make the oral environment unfavourable for acid-loving, caries causing bacteria. POWERED BY pH Neutralization Technology, Fluoride, Xylitol and Hydroxyapatite Nanoparticles. Get your FREE COPY of The Balance Book by Dr. Kim Kutsch. Our goal is to provide the best possible dental decay solution for your clients, let’s get in touch! Call us: 1-800-392-1171

Order Free Book


LM-Dental has been setting the standard for ergonomics, comfort, and functionality since 1972. Manufactured in the industry’s most advanced state-of-the-art facilities in Finland, using unique, high quality materials, all LM Instruments are ergonomically designed, and have a lightweight silicone handle that delivers a non-slip grip and exceptional tactile feedback. 

Whether you choose LM’s game-changing totally sharpen-free tips or advanced supersteel tips, you will feel the difference in your grip—both while working, and at the end of your day.

Exclusively distributed by Bisco Canada. For more information, call 1-800-667-8811 or visit BISCO CANADA

Receive a FREE Servo 5E Cassette with purchase (valid until 03/31/2021).

SENSODYNE Sensitivity & Gum

Dentin hypersensitivity and gingivitis can co-exist in the same patient, but patients may prioritize one condition over the other. For patients with co-existing dentin hypersensitivity and early gum problems, SENSODYNE Sensitivity & Gum is a specially formulated dual relief toothpaste clinically proven to relieve sensitivity and improve gum health.

  • 63% greater sensitivity relief*
  • Continued improvement in sensitivity relief over 24 weeks*
  • 40% improvement in gum health*

*Visit GSK Health Partner to learn more and to request samples.

Colgate* PreviDent* Varnish

Help kids remineralize enamel and prevent caries –(22,600 ppm of fluoride).

  • Penetrates enamel
    To help build weak spots
  • Protects teeth
    From acid/wear erosion
  • Easy to apply
    Fast-drying fluoride formula
  • Tastes good
    Great tasting mint and raspberry flavour kids can enjoy
  • Does good
    Helps reverse tooth decay at the early stage before it can become a cavity

To order: Call 1-800-2-COLGATE (1.800.226.5428) to speak to a customer service specialist 

Colgate PreviDent Varnish


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