Independent Practice FAQs

What is a Unique Identification Number (UIN)?

A unique identification number (UIN), provided by CDHA, identifies you as the provider if you submit oral health claims to the insurance carriers. Only you can use your UIN — it is not transferrable, nor can it be used by another dental hygienist. Download the UIN Application Form from this page. Once you have completed the application, send it to CDHA. We will process your application and send you your UIN number.

What is CDHA-ACHDnet?

CDHA-ACHDnet is the network managed by CDHA to transmit electronic claims from independent dental hygienists to the insurance carriers. It is the only network that is configured to accept dental hygiene claims.

What do I need to do to submit electronic claims?
  • Complete the CDHA-ACHDnet Application Form found on this page and send it to CDHA. This may only be done after a dental hygienist has received a UIN. These applications are processed every Tuesday.
  • You will receive confirmation from CDHA, along with an office number, 3 numbers ending in “H” ( # # # H).
  • CDHAnet requires the user to have practice management software. Here is a list of acceptable software.
  • Now you will need to select your messaging service. Currently Alberta Blue Cross, instream and TELUS provide messaging services to dental hygienists. For more information please reference the new process under the UIN, Claim Forms and CDHAnet page of the website.
Who can I contact for a status update of my CDHAnet application?

If you have received your office number from CDHA, please contact your messaging service directly. If you have not received your office number from CDHA, please contact CDHA at 1-800-267-5235.

What are the CDHA National Service Codes and are they different from the CDA ULS Codes?

The CDHA National Service Codes are for use by dental hygienists who are practising in an independent dental hygiene practice. The CDHA service codes are different from the CDA ULS procedure codes.

What is the CDHA National Dental Hygiene Claim Form?

The National Claim Form is for the use of dental hygienists who wish to submit a dental hygiene claim from an independent dental hygiene practice. Dental hygienists who work in dental offices do not typically submit claims in their own name.

Do all insurance carriers accept dental hygiene claims? How many accept electronic claims?

The full list of carriers that accept dental hygiene claims can be found here.