Insurance Claims Support

Updated January 2023

In response to a desire to improve business practices, increase competition in dental services, create cost effective dental services, and improve access to care, most public and private dental insurance plans have added dental hygienists to their provider roster.

In an effort to support independent dental hygienists and their clients, during the claims submission experience, CDHA has compiled the following business resources:

  • E-claims and Supported Transactions
    • This document is designed to give greater insight to the current e-claims capabilities of carriers, and e-claims specific contact information for the dental hygienist.
    • Please note: instream and TELUS networks currently support each others’ transmissions with a bi-directional interchange. Provided you have chosen and registered for ONE of these networks, you will be able to submit e-claims to all carriers on both networks.
  • Carrier Contacts and Claims Support
    • This document provides manual claims submission information, as well as provider specific contact information. Additional information specific to online provider portals and fee grids have also been provided.
  • Sun Life Email Claims System
    • You can now email your insurance claim forms directly to Sun Life for processing. No more waiting on traditional mail. This will speed up processing time, reduce errors and have reimbursement in yours or your client’s pockets faster!

Please note that these documents will be periodically updated. Please send updates to