Dental Hygiene Recognition Program winners

Over the years CDHA received many excellent submissions to its Dental Hygiene Recognition Program. The program was discontinued in 2016 but we are still pleased to recognize the following award winners.

CDHA Oral Health Promotion Awards sponsored by Crest-Oral B

Award Year Winner
Individual Award 2015 Megan McConechy, RDH
Clinic Team Award 2015 Monica Bacica, RDH, and the Comox Valley Dental Hygiene Society
Dental Hygiene School Award 2015 Cégep Garneau
Individual Award 2014 Joyce Kwok (Pui Ling)
Clinic Team Award 2014 Colin Cook & Oxford County Public Health Oral Health Team
Dental Hygiene School Award 2014 Niagara College
Individual Award 2013 Ambreen Khan, British Columbia
Clinic Team Award 2013 Portable Ottawa Dental Service (PODS), Ontario
Dental Hygiene School Award 2013 Vancouver College of Dental Hygiene, British Columbia
Individual Award 2012 Lisa Adair of Eckville, Alberta
Clinic Team Award 2012 Misty Deming and Paula Benbow Brantford, Ontario
Dental Hygiene School Award 2012 Cambrian College, Sudbury, Ontario
Individual Award 2010 Henrietta Kew
Clinic Team Award 2010 Dominique Berard and the Community Dental Access Program of Vernon and the North Okanagan
Dental Hygiene School Award 2010 College of New Caledonia Dental Hygiene Program, Prince George, BC
Individual Award 2009 Monica Maletz
Clinic Team Award 2009 Harbour City Dental Hygiene, Nanaimo, BC
Dental Hygiene School Award 2009 University of the Fraser Valley, DH Program, Chilliwack, BC
Dental Hygiene Baccalaureate Student Award 2009 Alison C. MacDougall
Dental Hygiene Diploma Student Award 2010 Shannon Collins
Dental Hygiene Diploma Student Award 2009 Nicole Moore

CDHA Awards sponsored by DENTSPLY

Award Year Winner
Excellence in Teaching Award 2015 Ava Chow, RDH, PhD
Excellence in Teaching Award 2014 Zul Kanji
Excellence in Teaching Award 2013 Jennifer Turner
Excellence in Teaching Award 2012 Laura MacDonald of Winnipeg, Manitoba
Leadership Award 2015 Samantha Kimberley Dalpe, RDH
Leadership Award 2014 Airra Custodio
Leadership Award 2013 Jeremy Huynh, Calgary-Alberta
Leadership Award 2012 Sally Lloyd of Calgary, Alberta

CDHA Awards sponsored by SUNSTAR G•U•M:

Award Year Winner
Oh Canada! Reader's Choice Award 2015 Jennifer Cicci, RDH
Oh Canada! Reader's Choice Award 2014 Susan Young
Global Health Initiative Award - National Category 2015 Karen Ergus, RDH, JD
Global Health Initiative Award - International Category 2015 Kimberly Daley, RDH
Global Health Initiative Award - National Category 2014 Sue Lighthall
Global Health Initiative Award - International Category 2014 Pauline Leroux
Global Health Initiative Award 2013 Michelle Ediger
Global Health Initiative Award 2012 Kari Hancock of Cochrane, Alberta
Global Health Initiative Award 2010 Leanne Rodine
Global Health Initiative Award 2009 Andrea Slater
Achievement Award 2013 Ashley Corsiatto, Alberta
Achievement Award 2012 Carolyn Maloney of Lacombe, Alberta
Achievement Award 2010 Andrea Laltoo
Achievement Award 2009 Kera McClement

CDHA Visionary Award sponsored by TD Insurance Meloche Monnex

Award Year Winner
Visionary Award 2015 Jacqueline VanMalsen, RDH, BSc(DH), BSc(Chem)
Visionary Award 2014 Julie Farmer
Visionary Award 2013 Laura Perri
Visionary Award 2011 Brittany Siry, British Columbia
Visionary Award 2010 Zul Kanji
Visionary Award 2009 Janice Murray

CDHA Awards sponsored by Crest Oral-B

Category Year Winner
CJDH Research Award - Best Original Research Article 2015 Schroth RJ, Wilson A, Prowse S, Edwards JM, Gojda J, Sarson J, Harms L, Hai-Santiago K, Moffatt MEK. Looking back to move forward: Understanding service provider, parent, and caregiver views on early childhood oral health promotion in Manitoba, Canada. Can J Dent Hyg. 2014;48(3):99‒108.
CJDH Research Award - Best Literature Review 2015 Khan A, Laronde DM. Waterpipe smoking: A “healthy” alternative to cigarettes or a health hazard in disguise? Can J Dent Hyg. 2014;48(1):27‒33.
CJDH Research Award 2013 Susanne Sunell, Rae McFarlane, and Heather C Biggar
CJDH Research Award 2012 Dr. Joanna Asadoorian
CJDH Research Award 2011 Dr. Laura Dempster
Symposium Bursary 2011 Sherry Priebe
Symposium Bursary 2010 Pauline Imai
Leadership Award 2010 Shannon Collins
Leadership Award 2009 Tanis Maxwell