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First Nations Oral Health: How Dental Hygienists Can Help
September 28, 2012
The Canadian Dental Hygienists Association (CDHA) congratulates Health Canada and the First Nations Governance Information Centre on the release of the First Nations Regional Health Survey. The survey identifies several priority health issues for First Nations communities including
  • 40% have persistent oral pain.
  • 55% brush teeth daily compared to 74% of non-Aboriginal Canadians.
  • 23% have untreated root caries compared to 7% of non-Aboriginal Canadians.
  • 44.7% have calculus (tartar) compared to 10.7% of non-Aboriginal Canadians.
  • 39% have no access to oral health care.

Five messages for Finance Committee
August 03, 2012
* NIHB, COHI investment to reduce downstream costs.
* Tuition loan forgiveness, wage incentives and tax credits to reduce shortage of dhs in rural/remote areas.
* HRSDC to fund dh skills training for LTC staff.
* Oral Health promotion and disease prevention to improve oral health/ general health and increase productivity.
* Increase dh business stability by reimbursing dhs the same fee for the same service in a dental clinic.

Championing Oral Health in the Health System Transformation
July 27, 2012
The Canadian Dental Hygienists Association (CDHA) congratulates the Council of the Federation (CoF) on their leadership role in identifying innovative and transformative changes for the health care system. The CoF July 2012 report "From Innovation to Action: First Report of the Health Care Innovation Working Group" highlights team based models of care, including the Family Health Team Clinic at St. Michael's Hospital, Ontario. This interprofessional team is comprised of dental hygienists, physicians, nurses, nurse practitioners, chiropractors, psychologists, social workers, dieticians, and pharmacists. Dental hygienists' focus on oral health promotion and disease prevention fits well with the team focus on client self-management.

CDHA calls for improvements to seniors oral health
July 20, 2012
CDHA submits a letter to the Council of the Federation, calling for the following recommendations:
* Improved long term care (LTC) regulations pertaining to oral health.
* Dental hygienists provide skills training for LTC staff on daily oral care.
* All provinces/territories have public oral health programs for seniors that focus on oral health promotion and disease prevention.
* Improved data collection on oral health status in LTC.

Call on Federal Government to Provide Strong Support for Tobaco Control
April 17, 2012
Canada’s Federal Tobacco Control Strategy (FTCS) has resulted in significant reductions in the levels of tobacco use in Canada. This has led to our nation being recognized as a world leader in tobacco control. The Smoking Cessation Quitline is just one of many highly successful programs the federal government has supported to this end. Unfortunately, significant financial cuts are being made to the FTCS.

The Federal Budget: What’s in it for Dental Hygiene?
April 02, 2012
There are large reductions in federal government spending. To read the CDHA budget report click the link above.

National Dental Hygienists Week™ Featured Articles
March 30, 2012
  • Oral health care is vital for seniors
  • Healthy smiles for babies and toddlers
  • Help older kids brush up on oral health
  • Dental hygienists celebrate oral health for total health
  • Dental hygienists are your partners in oral and overall health
  • Dental hygiene client's bill of rights
  • Five easy steps to good oral health
  • How to get a healthy, happy smile
  • What your dental hygienist knows could save your life
  • Oral cancer—not just your grandparent's disease

Oral Health — A Public Health Issue
March 29, 2012
CDHA collaborates with CCPH21C to produce a Fast Fact sheet...

CDHA Advocacy Success
March 01, 2012
In the past, CDHA has advocated to the federal government to collaborate with the provinces and territories to revise the Canadian Oral Health Strategy (COHS), based upon the new data in the Report on the Findings of the Oral Health Component of the Canadian Health Measures Survey 2007 – 2009. The Federal/Provincial/Territorial Dental Working Group has just announced that they will be revising the COHS and CDHA will be participating as a stakeholder in the revision of this document.