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E-Cigarettes: Exploring the Issues

Originally Presented: June 9, 2015
Duration: 60 minutes


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Since electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) were first introduced to North American markets in 2007, their use has increased substantially, especially among youth and young adults. Approximately 2.5 million Canadians ages 15 and older (8.5% of the total population) have tried using an e-cigarette.

Although e-cigarettes are perceived to be less harmful than tobacco cigarettes due to the absence of combustion-related toxins, there are growing concerns about their potential involvement in nicotine addiction and the renormalization of tobacco use, their increased uptake among youth, their possible adverse health effects, and other unforeseen consequences of unregulated production, sale, and use of these diverse products.

This webinar will provide an overview of current research on e-cigarettes, and will review important considerations for dental hygiene care, highlighting available CDHA resources on the topic. This webinar will appeal not only to CDHA members who are in clinical dental hygiene practice, but also to those who are interested in public health, research, and education.

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