Between the Lines - Video author interviews
Episode 2:

Knowledge, attitudes, and willingness of oral health professionals to treat transgender patients

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Release Date: March 27, 2024
Duration: 15 minutes


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In this episode, Salme Lavigne, scientific editor of the Canadian Journal of Dental Hygiene (CJDH), interviews Tammy Marshall-Paquin, lead author of a recently published article on knowledge, attitudes, and willingness of oral health professionals to treat transgender clients. Learn about Tammy’s experience with the peer-review and publication process, and how disparities in medical and oral health care affect transgender individuals.

Read Tammy’s article to learn more about the importance of culturally competent oral health care.

Practical Implications for Dental Hygienists:

  • Increasing awareness of the discrimination, stigma, and biases that transgender individuals experience in society may reduce the likelihood of perpetuating these behaviours when providing oral health care.
  • Oral health professionals should recognize that their lack of knowledge and own personal beliefs may produce behaviours that are perceived as discriminatory or biased by transgender patients.
  • Continuing education on how to provide culturally competent care to the transgender population would be beneficial for all oral health professionals.

Also, browse past issues of CJDH for research on similar topics. Individual journal articles can be easily viewed, downloaded, and printed.

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