Exhibitor Information

CDHA welcomes you as an exhibitor to its first-ever virtual conference on October 29 and 30, 2021. This page will provide you with access to everything you need to know as a virtual exhibitor.

Exhibit Hall Information

The exhibit hall will be open both Friday and Saturday, October 29 and 30, during the times indicated below. Attendees will also have access to the exhibit hall resources/promotions until December 31. CDHA’s virtual event platform provider, Matchbox Virtual Media, will be hosting a one-time only best practices call with exhibitors* on Tuesday, August 10, to discuss your exhibit hall experience and address any questions.

  • Exhibit hall hours:
    • Friday, October 29 – 11 am to 9 pm ET
    • Saturday, October 30 – 10 am to 7 pm ET
  • Exhibit space details – see Intake Form
  • Exhibit space functionalities –
    • Chat box • Request a meeting • Drop a business card • Video advertisement • Description of services

Key Dates

  • *Best practices call with exhibitors: 2:00-2:45pm, Tuesday, August 10.
    • Call to provide overview of virtual platform, demonstration of platform functionalities, plus, a comprehensive review of the exhibitor intake form.
    • Exhibitors will receive an email invite directly from Matchbox Virtual Media.
  • Exhibitor assets due: August 31
  • Exhibitor platform walk-through: October 8
    • Technology demonstration on how to use the platform
  • Exhibit hall final edits due: October 15

Key Contacts

Virtual event platform provider
Christina Mawdryk | Project Manager, Success Teams

Madison Cowan | Partner Success Coordinator


Shawna Savoie | Sponsorship & Affinity Liaison
Canadian Dental Hygienists Association (CDHA)

Peter Greenhough | President
Peter Greenhough Media Partners Inc (PGMPI)

Terms & Conditions

The Exhibitor/Sponsor agrees:

  1. To abide by the terms and conditions set forth in this contract;
  2. To abide by CDHA’s payment terms if invoiced. No services under this contract shall be provided by CDHA unless payment has been received prior to the event;
  3. That each and all provisions of the governing law shall be deemed an integral part of this contract with the same force and effect as if set forth in said contract. The law governing the interpretation and implementation of this contract is the law prevailing in the province of Ontario, Canada;
  4. That CDHA reserves the right to cancel this contract at any time during the conference should Exhibitors or Sponsors fail to comply with the terms set out herein;
  5. That, in the event it becomes impossible for CDHA to host due to any force majeure, CDHA is released from any kind and all claims for damage which might arise in consequence thereof. If, for any reason, the exhibition is not held as proposed, CDHA shall be in no way whatsoever liable to the Exhibitor or Sponsor other than to return to the Exhibitor or Sponsor, without interest, all monies received from said Exhibitor or Sponsor less any legitimate expenses on a pro rata basis of costs associated with the preparation of facilities, services, promotion, and publicity directly related to the Exhibitor/Sponsor. Further, the Exhibitor or Sponsor shall release CDHA from all claims for said damages;
  6. That provision of virtual exhibit space by CDHA does not constitute endorsement of goods and/or services, nor shall an Exhibitor or Sponsor imply, in any way, to a third party, that acceptance as an Exhibitor or Sponsor constitutes endorsement of products or services by CDHA;
  7. That allocation of virtual space and reservation of sponsorship opportunities will commence at once and be at the sole discretion of CDHA. There shall be no sharing of virtual exhibit space, unless otherwise expressly approved by CDHA in writing;
  8. That exhibit/sponsorship fees are refundable, less a 50% administration fee, providing cancellation notice is received, in writing, by July 31, 2021. No refunds after July 31, 2021, and notwithstanding the cancellation provisions contained herein, no refund will be made once the order for a sponsored item has been placed by CDHA;
  9. That, except as specifically provided herein, the Exhibitor and Sponsor Agreement does not include such items or services as internet services and connections; audiovisual equipment; customs brokerage; special materials; conference shipping. These items are at the sole cost of the Exhibitor or Sponsor;
  10. That CDHA reserves the right to prohibit the set-up and enforce the removal of any virtual exhibit or display which, in the opinion of CDHA, may be detrimental to the conference or the interests of the Association and/or the profession of dental hygiene;
  11. The Exhibitor or Sponsor agrees to indemnify and hold CDHA harmless against any and all claims of any person whomsoever, arising out of the acts of omission of the Exhibitor or Sponsor and their employees or representatives. Further, CDHA assumes no liability for damages or losses resulting from, or related to, the failure of the Exhibitor or Sponsor to comply with the terms of this Agreement;
  12. That any agents, solicitors, and representative of firms selling commercial products in connection with the conference will not be permitted to solicit or distribute pamphlets or samples outside the confines of the virtual booth space unless otherwise expressly approved by CDHA;
  13. That there shall be no direct sale of goods or services during the event—orders for goods/services must be fulfilled after the conference;
  14. That virtual booth set-up must be completed by Friday, October 15, 2021. Online revisions to the virtual exhibit booth are not permitted after Friday, October 15, 2021. In the event an exhibitor fails to set up by the date specified, the Exhibitor’s space may be removed from the virtual events platform at the Exhibitor’s expense;
  15. That exhibitor logistics will be emailed to all confirmed exhibitors providing them with virtual booth placement, virtual exhibit space floor plan, virtual booth set up and login details, virtual event platform contacts, etc.;
  16. That all matters not covered in these regulations are subject to the decision and control of CDHA notwithstanding anything in the application for virtual space contained in these regulations. CDHA expressly reserves the right to change the dates but not to reduce the aggregate time of the conference; to transfer the conference to another virtual events platform, if for any reason the contracted vendor should not be available. CDHA expressly reserves the right to change the floor plan, or alter the location, or reduce the size of the exhibitor’s space, and alter sponsorship opportunities and packages, if in the opinion of CDHA, it is necessary to do so;
  17. That no verbal arrangements or any variation of this agreement or its conditions are binding on CDHA unless confirmed in writing by CDHA;
  18. For CDHA to share their email address with the virtual events platform company