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Oral Health Product Trends • June 28, 2019







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Profluorid Varnish

VOCO presents Profluorid Varnish, a clear 5% sodium fluoride varnish. Taking only seconds, the single dose delivery system makes application quick and easy. The material is transparent, features a high immediate fluoride release, and is perfect for treating sensitivities after scaling and root planning. Profluorid has enhanced flow characteristics, adheres well to moist surface and comes in five great flavors.

Chamber Autoclave

With the reliability you’ve come to expect from your trusted STATIM®, the STATCLAVE G4 Chamber Autoclave is designed to deliver speed, capacity, safety, and efficiency to your practice. Its 11” chamber and vacuum assisted closed-door drying efficiently delivers sterilized and dried wrapped instruments.

ExpertClean 7300
Trial Offer $69.99

An exclusive dental professional offer, Order now!

  • Up to 7x healthier gums* in just 2 weeks
  • Removes 10x more plaque* for a deep clean
  • Expert Technology, Personalized Guidance:
    • Connected brushing made easy
    • Smart brush head recognition
    • Built-in pressure sensor
    • 3 modes, 3 intensities

Call Now 1-800-278-8282 to order, or book a ‘lunch and learn’ and learn more.

*more than a manual toothbrush

2 New Innovations

We look forward to meeting you and your team to present you with two new innovations:

  • X-PUR CariØ, a 25% xylitol toothpaste with a scientifically proven formulation to reduce cariogenic bacteria 60% more than regular fluoride toothpastes.
  • Curaprox Hydrosonic electric toothbrush, combining the softest bristles and the only head made in Switzerland in the world, at an unbelievable low price.

Click here to schedule a C.E. meeting!


A new antiseptic mouthwash with fluoride that works hard to help reverse the effects of the day to reset your mouth. The Canadian Dental Association (CDA) validates that adding LISTERINE® NIGHTLY RESET to a regular oral hygiene routine helps rebuild enamel that’s been weakened throughout the day. LISTERINE® NIGHTLY RESET is specially formulated with a less intense, zero alcohol TWILIGHT MINT flavour that’s perfect for bedtime.

Use this mouth rinse before and after sleep as part of a regular oral care routine.

SENSODYNE Rapid Relief

Clinically proven sensitivity relief in just 60 seconds.* It starts working from the first brush and provides long-lasting protection from sensitivity pain that continues to improve with twice-daily use. SENSODYNE Rapid Relief has been engineered for speed. It is formulated for rapid occlusion of dentin tubules. It is proven to build a substantive acid-resistant protective barrier over exposed dentin and deep within the tubules with stannous fluoride.

Recommend SENSODYNE Rapid Relief and call 1 (855) 855-4641 to learn more.

*When used as directed.

NEW! Cavitron®300

The Cavitron® 300 Series Ultrasonic Scaling System offers an advanced experience at your fingertips. The unit features the exclusive Steri-Mate® 360 handpiece that enables effortless rotation of the ultrasonic insert during the scaling procedure. The new digital operating system operates so efficiently that it produces less heat, requiring less water for better client comfort. A modern touch screen interface provides ease of use with added memory presets and customizable power settings for improved efficiency. The system also features a lightweight handpiece cord for improved ergonomics.

Fast, accurate and easy digital impression capture

The CS 3600 intraoral scanner works the way you do with three task-specific workflows to choose from: restorative, orthodontic and implant. Fast, continuous scanning increases patient comfort, eliminates the need to manipulate buttons, and produces accurate digital impressions. HD 3D images improve your communication with patients, practices and labs. For more information, call 855.762.2291 or visit


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